I’ve Now Been Blogging For 5 Years

5 Years of Blogging 

This day 5 years ago I started my blog and it kinda feels strange thinking that my blog is now 5 years old I never thought I’d be blogging for that long and well it’s safe to say I won’t be giving up any time soon.

I Sartre blogging because I was looking for something to do and apart from going on my X-Box I wanted to find something else that I’d enjoy and try something new. Few weeks or so went past and I thought because I read loads of blogs why don’t I just make one and well see what happens. I never thought I’d be sat in my room typing this up a few years later. None of would have been possible without all of you who follow my blog and tell me how much you enjoy reading my blog posts.

The same with family and friends even though some of them have not to clue what a blog is or what I actually do or what a “blogger” is they all still try to support me anyway they can and its not just all of you reading this and my family, friends but also the wonderful bloggers who I have been lucky enough to know and support. Blogging is amazing and the community is just lovely and I also love how we all help and support one another no matter.

I can’t wait to see what another year of my blog has in store and I can’t wait for you all to see the rest of the amazing things I have planned for my blog.


The Highlights Of My Blog So Far

1. I changed my blog domain to jackdeyes.com

In August 2018 I made the best change I’ve done to my blog so far and when I was waiting for payday I stayed up and kept re-loading the bank app on my phone just waiting for the payday money to come in. When the money came in I went and got my card, got my iPad and logged on to my WordPress account and set the domain to jackdeyes.com

When it was all done I was so excited but my family were all sleep so I had to wait until the morning to continue my excitement when I updated the domain on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest page I told you all you seemed to be even more excited then I was.

I also updated the domain on BlogLovin a few months ago what I was so happy about the only thing was so my BlogLovin page would change from “jackdeyes.wordpress.com” to “jackdeyes.com” I had to email the support team so they were able to do it their end. I’m so glad they approved the change. 

2. I changed my blog around and gave it a new look

After changing my domain and heading off to bed I woke up the next day and gave my blog a new look. After picking the theme, moving the layout and adding all the new things onto my blog and what, not I made my blog public again. I also asked some people what they thought and everyone loved it.

3. Nominated For The UK Blogs Awards

When the UK Blogs Award said their announcement about the awards and a few days after that I received an email saying “Someone loves you and your blog you have nominated for The UK Blog Awards” this made me so happy and from this day I still have no clue who nominated me but whoever you are thank you that meant so much to me. I didn’t get round to final round but I was happy enough to even be nominated so ones again whoever you are thank you.

4. Making an email for my blog and blog stuff

Now this may not seem like much but when I started blogging I had my an email fro blogging and no matter what the email was I just wasn’t happy with it and the email I use to have was “jackdeyes@gmail.com” now that may sound silly that I was not happy with the email I had the reason to why is because I wanted an email that did not have @gmail or @outlook and so on in it. I was looking online for the cheapest email name possible and I come across Google.

My email is now contact@jackdeyes.com as some of you may already know and it only costs me £3.30 per month what doesn’t seem that bad to me. Some of you may be thinking “why did you do that why didn’t you just stick with your other one it was free” and yes it was free you’re right but if I don’t like the look of something it will continue to bug me until I can find a way to change it.

As I said this isn’t that must of big things but it’s still something I’ve done and added to the blog you could say.

5 – My first book review

In January I mentioned on Twitter and Instagram that I’m going to be doing book reviews on my blog and I was shocked with how much you all loved the idea of it.

I put a vote on Twitter and Instagram asking you all what book would you like me to do my first book review and the book that won the poll was Anna Newton’s / The Anna Edit new book “An Edited Life”.

When it comes to making that review I wanted to make it little different to some of the book reviews I’ve read so I found the email for Anna’s PR team for Anna’s book and I asked them kindly if I may use a photo of Anna and her book in the book in the blog post and they said yes what I was so happy about.

I added a part of the blog post where you got to get an idea of who Anna is and what she does in case no of you knew who she was and after making that blog post I then published the blog post and you all loved it and some of you even went over to Amazon website to get their book what I think is amazing. I also emailed Anna and her PR team to say that the book has gone up and Anna and her team loved it.


(Also, some of you was asking if the blog post about Anna and her book was an AD and if her book was gifted to me. Anna’s book was not in any way gifted to me I went and order the book in October time and I went out my way to make the blog post and the blog post was not in any way an AD. To find out how you can tell what blog posts are AD or Gifted to me please Click Here)

6. I made a blog post about my Autism

A few weeks ago I made a blog post about my autism and I was putting it off for a while and really worried about even posting. The week that I decided to publish it I added more things to it and cleaned it up a bit and the day it came to publishing the blog post I was very nervous. I put the post up and everyone was so kind and it made me so happy and now that I’ve done that I’m no longer worried about telling people and than you everyone for all your love and support.

Blog Post – I Have Autism 

I’m also taking part in the Autism Walk 2019 if you would like to sponsor me and my mum for the walk please click (Autism Walk – GO Walk) and thank you for your support


I know most of my blog posts have loads of photos on normal but down to this blog post being based on me blogging for 5 years, I thought I’d only add 2 or 3 photos because I didn’t see much point adding photos on to the blog post that you may have already seen.