My Favourite Instagram Photos

This blog post was going to be about the Instagram photos I like from my own Instagram page but I decided to scrap that ideas and find some Instagram photos I like from the amazing bloggers I follow.

(Please note I have been given permission to add the photos and add the links you find in this blog post.)

1 – I have been following Louisa for a very long time and I love the photos she posts they are all amazing. I have picked this photo because one I love Christmas and two because I love how this photo looks and it really makes you feel all warmed up and ready for Christmas Day.

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2 – I haven’t been following Lav for that long and if I’m correct I’ve been following Lav Instagram page for about 3-4 months. The response to why I love this photo is because it kinda gives me a picture in my head of loads of bloggers in a bloggers cafe with a cup of coffee and their laptops getting on with blog posts. The other response is because I love coffee and stuff like that and this photo looks fantastic.

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3 – I have been following Amy for a little while and I love all her photos so trying to find just one was hard but I fan one yippee. I love the photo because I just love how the place looks and how the lighting goes so well with the photo.

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4 – I been following Zayna on Instagram for a very long time and we have a very crazy blogging friendship. I love all of Zayna photos that she uploads on to her Instagram page. I love this photo because it kinda gave you a little idea of how the Uni life is kinda like. Now I’ve never been to Uni and I’m not planning to anytime soon but from what Zayna tells me its fun but can get a little hectic at times. Yes me and Zayna have the same iPad and Smart Keyboard.

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5 – I call Jasmin the “Instagram Queen” as some of you may have noticed and the redone to why is because her Instagram page is amazing and I love it. This photo reminds of a little town that’s old fashioned.

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6 – Emma use to have another Instagram account I loved all the photos she posted on there and that’s no different to Emma’s new Instagram account. I love this photo that Emma has taken because of how this photo has been taken and when I look at this photo it makes me feel like I’m at there beach.

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7 – I have been following Olivia for a few weeks and before I followed Olivia I looked at her Instagram page and I just loved Olivia photos and when I come across this photo I thought it was really cool because one the sky looks amazing and two I love colours they look amazing.

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8 – I have been following Lucy for a couple of months now and I found Lucy’s Instagram account when she did the Tuesday Take Over on Zoella‘s Instagram page. I love Lucy’s Instagram page the photos she posts all look amazing. I like this the most because it makes me want to go and it’s not often you see a photo like this well for me anyway.

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  Thank you to all the wonderful people who have given me permission to include their Instagram photos to this blog post this blog post wouldn’t have been possible without you.