No.1 Book Review – “An Edited Life”

About Anna Newton 

Photography by Sussex food and lifestyle photographer Emma Croman


Anna Newton is well known for her blog and YouTube Channel “The Anna Edit”. Anna made her blog back in 2010 and does blog posts based on Beauty, Life and Travie. Anna is also well known for the PodCast “At Home Home With” Anna is co-host alongside Lilly Pebbles.

Anna’s YouTube Channel “The Anna Edit is based on Lifestyle, Recipes, Vlogs, Makeup, Blog and Vlog Tips.




About The Book “An Edited Life”


Anna’s book is really useful and based on simple steps to streamline your life at work and at home “An Edited Life” is filled with so much helpful information it will be hard for you to stop reading the book and put the book down.

“An Edited Life” is also filled with useful saving tips and how to keep on top of a budget the book also tells you how to work out your calendar and so much more.


My Thoughts About “An Edited Life” by Anna Newton

I ordered Anna’s book from Amazon back in October time of 2018 and I was so excited for it to come and the book release date to be announced. When it was the day of Anna’s book coming out I was so excited and I was always reopening the Amazon app to see how far the delivery van had left to go. When the van pulled up outside my house I ran down starts opened the door got the book ran up into my room and had a little look at the book. That evening I went back into my room and spent hours reading the book.

An Edited life is a fantastic book and I’d recommend the book to anyone who is looking to plan their life and get on top of your life at home and work. I give Anna’s book “An Edited Life” 5 out 5.

You can find all the links to Anna’s blog and YouTube channel below alongside an Amazon link where you can get Anna’s book.

The Anna Edit – Blog

The Anna Edit YouTube Channel

Amazon – An Edited Life

“Please note that I have been given permission to use the photo of Anna Newton, An Edited Life book cover and the press release photo from Anna Newton’s PR team for the book “An Edited Life and the photos are taken by Emma Corman

This blog post is not an AD or anyway sponsored”




5 thoughts on “No.1 Book Review – “An Edited Life”

  1. Oh my god jack when you said about doing book reviews I never thought you’d gone out your way to make it this interesting and contact the PR team. I love how you don’t just mention the book and you mention the author. Keep it up jack you’re doing an amazing job

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment I’m so glad you like this blog post. You’re be happy to know that I will be doing more blog posts based on book reviews but they will be on the blog every couple of months. Anna’s book is amazing I completely agree with you and thank you for all the support!

      Jack Deyes


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