The Random Blogging Chat

This blog post is based on all the things that I have been thinking about based on blogging and like many of my other blogs posts, this one is also ransom.

  • I have been blogging for 4 years and I love it and my passion for blogging gets stronger and stronger every single day and I love being apart of the blogging community and supporting so many fantastic bloggers. To me the blogging community is amazing and I’m so lucky to have some wonderful bloggers supporting me with and being able to team up with some of them and add them into some blog posts.
  • Blogging isn’t just about having a blog and calling yourself a blogger it’s more than that to me. It’s about supporting other bloggers and being there for them no matter what. No matter if they are new or been blogging for a while at the end of the day they are still a blogger. I have had people in the past say to me “Why are you supporting a blogger who’s got a completely different topic to you” and to me no matter what the topic someone’s blog may be based on their still a part of the blogging community and still a blogger like me and you so no matter what someone’s blog may be based on I’m going to support them.
  • What I love about blogging is that every blog is different and every blog looks incredible and the work and cooperation that bloggers put into their blog is unbelievable and when I read a blog post and look at a blog I just love how different it looks. To me when you have a blog it should look and feel how you want it to so then when someone goes on to you’re blog and reads one or more of your blog posts they get a feeling of how much your blog means to you.
  • The part of the UK that I’m from there are other bloggers what’s obvious of course but I wish every part of the UK had like mini-hub for wear bloggers can work on their blog and blog post and just do little mini-meetups. I have never been to bloggers meet-up but I’d really love to attend one the only problem is the ones I find are way out and hard for me to attend because I don’t drive and 99% of the time they will be based in London. I have had some people say to me easy get some kind of transport and we’ll that’s easier said than done wouldn’t you agree?