Something New Is Coming To The Blog…

When I had 3-4 weeks off from posting blog posts because of Christmas and New Year I was still working on my blog and getting blog posts ready. Whiles, I was thinking about what add to my blog I decided that I’d start making blog posts about book reviews. So far I have 4 books that I will be reviewing and I know it may not sound like a lot but its something to start it off. I can’t wait to start adding it to the blog and I really hope you all enjoy it I have also made a GoodRead account what will be filled with the books I’ve read, books I’m reading and the books I’d like to read. You can find a link to that at the bottom of this blog post. My blog will still be called Jack Deyes and my blogs main topic will continue to be lifestyle but now and again you will see a book related blog post. This is just the beginning of what’s coming to my blog in 2019 and trust me I have a lot more things planned so get excited for that. I hope you’re all as excited and looking forward to it as I am and if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment box below and I’ll be sure to check them out. I also put a poll up on Twitter and Instagram a few weeks ago asking you all to vote on what book you’d like me to review first. The 2 books you voted for was Anna’s book An Edited Life and Zoe’s book Cordiurly Invited and the winner was Anna’s book so get excited about that review and thank you to everyone who’s taken part in the poll.

Anna’s Book

An Edited Life

My GoodRead Account