(45) – Blog Post Idea | 2019

I got asked by some of you if I can make another blog post idea blog post and I have decided to make that post and hopefully, it will come in useful for some of you.
  1. What you would like for your birthday
  2. What you got up to on your birthday
  3. 10/20 things about me
  4. Meet my pet
  5. Days out and trips
  6. Goals 
  7. What you have been up to
  8. Blog post about other bloggers – (supporting)
  9. Blog update – (What new things you have planned or added to your blog)
  10. Book review 
  11. Movie review 
  12. What did you get when you went shopping 
  13. Life update 
  14. What bloggers you look up to and why 
  15. Bloggers tags 
  16. TV program review 
  17. Q&A
  18. Bloggers who inspire you
  19. My favourite apps for blogging
  20. A day I will never forget
  21. How you got into blogging 
  22. Friendship – About you and your best friend
  23. Your first job
  24. Your first interview
  25. Morning/Night routine
  26. Bucket list
  27. What’s on your music playlist
  28. Your perfect day 
  29. Host a give away
  30. Birthday wishlist
  31. Gift guide
  32. Subscription box review
  33. A-Z blog post/tab
  34. Guest blog post
  35. What you use to blog
  36. Instagram accounts you love and why 
  37. Music you love and why
  38. Blogs birthday 
  39. Goal update 
  40. Driving test 
  41. Other hobbies 
  42. What you wish you knew before you became a blogger 
  43. What have learnt about blogging and the blogging community 
  44. Who inspired you to start blogging 
  45. (Full-Time Blogger) – What do you love about doing blogging full time and what do you dislike about doing blogging full-time 

VzY6C9RP_400x400 Hopefully, this blog post of 45 blog post ideas will help some of you and to anyone who makes a blog post from this list please send it to me by Twitter or email I’d love to check it out and read it. I know some of you are more into my long blog posts with loads of photos so don’t worry I will have one of them up next weekend.