This blog post is going to be filled with what I have been up to this month, how this month has gone for me and what I have brought this month.

January has been a crazy month but also good at the same time. This month I have been focusing and planning what I really want to do this year and I’m doing all I can to make them happen. In the UK we have a pet store called Pets At HomePets At Home and they have a dog grooming room they also have this apprenticeship what trains you to become a dog groomer. Now for me to do this and become a dog groomer I’m having to re-take my maths and I’ve had some people ask me if I’m nervous or anything and I’m not I’m actually really looking forward to it because I know ones I have done this there is going to be a huge new road opening up at the other end of it.

This month I have also been putting in a lot more work into my blog than I normally do and I’m starting a new thing on the blog what will be book reviews that some of you already know about. I have had so much feedback on this idea and I am so happy you’re all looking forward to it because it makes it even more worthwhile. I’m also in the middle of planning blog posts for 2020 crazy I know.

This month I went over to Apple to get a whiles charger for my iPhone XS and the new Apple Watch S4. I will also be leaving links below for to all the things I’ve brought.

The first few nights I kept checking my phone to actually make sure it was definitely charging my phone what it was thankfully and to me it still feels strange not having to put a USB lead in the back of my phone I just put my phone on the top of the pad and it’s charging I love it and no one can take my phone charger part from my mum because no one else in my family has a phone that will work on my charger plus the back of it is round so no one can take the lead what’s also perfect.


The Apple Watch S4 is amazing and I’m so glad I brought it and of course its way better than the Apple Watch S2 because the screen bigger, Siri has improved loads, the active rings and stats are better, The heart rate been improved and much more.


I also got Anna Newton (The Anna Edit) new book “An Edited Life” and I love it and I’ve been reading it every night and the book has made me re-think my life and other things and so on. This is a fantastic book and I’m so happy I brought it and I 100% recommend the book to anyone.

I also got Wild X Underscore a Christmas present and it was Jesse Ridgway new book  Psycho Dad VS Psycho Kid (hardback copy) and I got it gift wrapped from Amazon. He loved it and I’m so glad I got it four him and it’s another fantastic book what I would also recommend this book to anyone.


Also this month I have done even more to help and support bloggers in this community and in my eyes, this month has been the month for blogging. I’ve seen so many new bloggers this month what I’m so happy about and I can’t wait for more amazing people to become apart of this wonderful community. I’ve also been reading even more amazing blogs and I’m amazed at how much work bloggers are putting into their blog it’s lovely to see and to all the bloggers who are reading this keep up the fantastic work you’re all doing such an amazing job.


I have permission from Laura the blog owner to use this photo 

I’m also getting back into reading books as you can maybe tell and as I’ve said I’m currently reading Anna Newber (The Anna Edit) new book “An Edited Life” and I have 3 more books to read after Anna’s book. I can’t wait to get even more books. All my books come from Amazon and I’m also on GoodReads I leave a star reacting and my thoughts on the books I’ve read plus I also add what books I’m currently reading, what books I’ve read and what books I’d like to read.



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Links To The Things I Brought This Month

Apple – Mophie Charging Pad

Apple – Apple Watch S4 

Anna Newton – An Edited Life (Amazon)

Jesse Ridgway – Psycho Dad VS Psycho Kid (Amazon)