My New Goals And Stuff For 2019

Every year me and many other bloggers make a blog post about what our goals are for the new year and I’d love to know what your goals are for this year. I’m going to have some mini goals and one big goal. You may be wondering why does it have “And Stuff” in the title well that’s because some of the goals I have set some people may not set them as goals.

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Supporting Other Bloggers – Every year I have this as my goal and its one I love the most being able to support bloggers and seeing their blogs grow and grow. Blogging isn’t just about you be being a blogger and having a blog and all the rest of it. Blogging is also about supporting one another no matter if their blogs are based on a different subject then yours. At the end of the day, we are all bloggers and we should help and support one another. imagesM.J.B
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Putting Even More Work Into My Blog – I’m always looking for new ideas for my blog and I’m always thinking of new blog posts to make and put up for you all to read. Like many other bloggers, my blog means everything to me and having my own little place on the web where I can call my own. Screenshot_11.png
Make My Room What I Want It To Be – I’ve always thought a bedroom should always be the way you want it so last year I spent (2-3) months changing my room around. I added TP-Link smart lights and TP-Link smart pugs to well make my room smart I also got a Google Home Mini to work alongside that and it’s really cool. I also put a saying up in my bedroom saying “Do Your Future Self A Favour And Work Hard Today” what I love because when I’m having an off day or feel like I can’t do anything I look at that and it makes me re-think. That saying is also the first thing I see when I get up well apart from my lovely rabbit Kiara. I also want to get a desk to put my computer on and to do my work on for LYP and put the rest of my photos up on the wall.
Keep My Planner Up To Date – Every year I get a new planner to put in what blog post is going up what weekend and import dates that I may have like meetings or something. In 2018 I had a planner but I ended up forgetting to add it to my planner and things got very confusing as you can guess. img_0344
Be More Active And Post More On Instagram – Last year I had a goal like this but for Twitter and well I think I’m way more active on Twitter now then I was in back in 2017. I stopped posting on Instagram and only really used Instagram Stories now and then. I did post a bit more in December but I’m going to try and get better at posting more on Instagram and well hopefully Instagram will be better this year. Screenshot_1.png
Meet Up With More Friends – I have 3 friends and you may be thinking “okay yep” but I acutely do and well this is because of my autism. I’ve met with one of my friends but I really want to meet up with the others. I’d also like to get out of the house more as well. IMG_0003[1]

This is a photo of me and Will I Am

Read More Books – I use to have the Kindle Fire HDX and I had a few books on there but I stopped using that because it was getting slow and wasn’t working that well so I got the iPad Pro (2017) and the iPad Pro 2017 Smart Keyboard. Down to this well, I’ve stopped reading books now but I’m hoping to get back into reading books soon. Also, I have Anna Newton new book An Edited Life coming soon from Amazon (UK) and I can’t wait. You can also find an AD for Anna’s book on my blog on the sidebar it’s the first AD you see. I will also be doing a review on Anna’s book so get excited for that. “I will also be doing a review about Jesse Ridgway and Zoe Suggs book as well. You can find a link below to Jesse and Zoe’s book” img_0399

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TP – Link – Smart Bulbs

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Google – Google home Mini

Amazon – Kindle Fire HDX

Apple – iPad Pro (2017)

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Amazon – An Edited Life (Book by: Anna Newton)

Amazon – Psycho Kid VS Psycho Dad (Book by: Jesse Ridway)

Amazon – Cordially Invited (Book by: Zoe Sugg)

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you have all had an amazing Chrismas and welcome back to my blog. This is the first blog post of 2019 and I can’t wait for you to see and read all the other blog posts I have ready and planned for 2019. Please Note   antro-vectra.regular.png