Let’s Have Chat No.1

I use to do updates about what I’ve been up to but I’ve decided to stop doing them and do something different instead. What I have planned to do is chat kinda blog posts every couple of months and well its safe to say it’s going to be one very random blog post!
As you all know I have changed so much stuff around on my blog and after so many years of planning and waiting I was finally able to put all my planning in place and actually see it all full into place. Like every blogger we all have our mini goals that we will complete within 2-3 months and then we have 1 big goal and for me changing my URL and making my blog look how I wanted it to look and all the rest of it, it has been a very long goal. I was up till silly O’Clock getting it all done and I had so much coffee to stay awake and ones I was all done and ready for you all to see I made the big existing announcement about my blog and the love and support you all showed was unbelievable. That day was one of the happiest days of my life and every single one of you made my big goal possible because as I’ve said so many time before without all of you I wouldn’t have made the changes, in fact, I probably wouldn’t even been blogging today so thanks to every single one of you because this is all possible because of you!
Someone asked a few months ago “how come you support so many bloggers” and the response to why is because no matter what topic someone’s blog may be based on at the end of the day they are still blogger and yes ok they have a different subject but at the end of the day that blogger is still part of the blogging community. I will still do all I can to help and support them as much as possible even if that means tweeting about them, adding them to an Instagram story, adding them to a blog post as long as I’m able to help and support bloggers one way or another then I’m happy with that. Blogging is about helping one another not bringing one another down blogging is amazing and so much fun!
I still have Kiara and she’s still living the bunny life the way she knows how on the December 7th it was 1 year that I got Kiara and she’s so sweet and I love her so much
Some of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter have been asking why did I get the iPhone XS and what do I think about it? Before I go telling you about the iPhone XS and what I think about it I only got the iPhone SE a few months ago but I got fed up of that it’s not as good as people said and when Apple released it I was unsure about but I gave it a go. I now have the iPhone XS and I love it and it’s so fast, the screen is so bright and the Face ID is way better than the code or finger ID. I just have to look at it and it unlocked. I tested it on a photo of me and it didn’t unlock I gave my phone to mum and it still didn’t unlock. The camera is amazing and it’s great for Instagram and blog posts I love it. I love how big the screen is but it’s a bit strange because I’m so use to having a smaller phone. I will also be leaving a link to the iPhone XS in case anyone wants to find anything lease about it or thinking about getting one.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little mini blog post and I can’t wait to put up the next one (Let’s Have A Little Chat NO.2) and with that said I only have 2 more blog posts to put up and publish until 2019. I have planned so many blog posts for 2019 and I can’t wait to put them up for you all to read and I really hope you all enjoy 2019 blog posts as much as I have made them.
Please Note (Related to the GOV UK new social media and blog endorsement rules) “This blog post is not an AD and jackdeyes.com dose not have relationship with any of the brands that are linked in this post. All the items that are linked in this blog post are brought by the blog owner”

I’ve also been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2018 under the Lifestyle category. If you would like to vote for me then you will find the following link below!

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To find out more about the iPhone XS click here