The Blogger Recognition Awarded

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the one and only Jess. Please check out Jess’s Blogger Recognition Award and show it some love


The Bloggers Recognition Award has a couple of rules and they are.

  1. A link back to the original post and blogger who nominated/tagged you
  2. Small paragraph on why you started blogging and the origins of your blog
  3. Tow pieces of advice to any new bloggers
  4. Select/nominate (15) other bloggers you want to give this award to

About Jack Deyes – Lifestyle

My blog is based on Lifestyle and I’ve been blogging for 4 years I put a blog post up every weekend at 5PM UK time.

Over the years my blog has changed a lot from the layout, header to the URL and so on. I was reading loads of blogs based on all kind of different topics from trips out, food to Lifestyle reading so many blogs I decided to make my own but I wasn’t 100% what topic to have my blog based on and so on. Few weeks went pass and I went to see my best friends Amy Lee and asked her what she thinks and she thought it was a fantastic idea. When I got home I made my blog and well hear it is 4 years later.

My Advice For New Blogger

  • When you start blogging pick a topic your really interested in what can be anything from food, travel, sports, lifestyle, make up and so on the list goes on. What ever topic you pick just have fun with it
  • Make your blog yours and what I mean by that is don’t go copying another bloggers layout and so on make it yours after all its your blog, your own little place on the web and you can do what you like with it. When you go making your blog and so on make your blog the way you want to after all we’re all different

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Please Note (Related to the GOV UK new social media and blog endorsement rules) “This blog post is not an AD and dose not have relationship with any of the brands that are linked in this post. All the items that are linked in this blog post are brought by the blog owner”     I’ve also been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2018 under the Lifestyle category. If you would like to vote for me then you will find the following link below! Jack Deyes – UK Blog Awards