My Goals For November

This weeks blog post is going to based on my goals for this month I will have 4 goals 3 of them will be little mini goals and 1 big goal that I will try to beat by the end of the months.

Continue Helping and Supporting Other Bloggers Better and Bigger

Over the last couple of years, I have helped and supported so many amazing bloggers some who have been blogging for a few weeks to some who have been blogging for many years. I have added them to my Instagram story, tweets on Twitter and mention them in some of my blog posts. Now I’m trying to find another way to help and support bloggers I’m not 100% sure what at the moment but ones I know what you be sure to know about it.


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Improve and Get Better At Blogging

Some of you tell me how much you like my blog and blog posts and some of you also message me asking questions and showing my blog so much love and support what is so lovely so thank you very much. The reason to why I’m picking this to be one of my goals is because no matter how good you are at something or how long you’ve been doing something you can always get better no matter what. I’m hoping to improve my blog skills and so much more.


Complete All The Lists That I Have Set Myself In 1 Day

I make lists of things I have to do some of the lists an on a notepad, scrap paper, iPhone and iPad or on my Google Home Mini and well depending on what other things I have on that day like work or meetings then I don’t always get lists done. Sometimes I’ll get a notification on my iPhone or iPad and well end up looking at or go on to Twitter and start randomly tweeting, re-tweeting and likening people’s tweets. Then if it’s not Twitter then I’ll just end up going on Ingram likening photos watching people’s story’s or just adding to my own story.


The BIG Goal For This Month Is To Use And My Food Before The Date Runs Out

I always get food pack it away and a few days later or so I end up checking the date and it’s already run out of date what’s really annoying. I then end up having to go back to the shop and re-get all the food that I already have and well this is an endless circle and it’s not helping in the long run.

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Jasmin’s Blog And Social Media 
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