What Did I Get On My 21st Birthday

On the 21st October I made a blog post called “The 4 Things I Would Like On My 21st Birthday and one of the things on that list I got. I’m also going to be adding what I got up to on my birthday as well I’d also like to thank everyone who has sent birthday messages on Twitter.

I got up to a big Happy Birthday 21 bolown in my living room and to my mum and dad giving this wonderful gift what means so much to me the gift is necklace  and its made to protect you.

I also got given a lovely cards from my parents, siblings and grandparents and they all look so sweet and I’ll be adding them to my memory box with the rest of the cards that I have been given over the years.

I also went to Apple to get an iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard what I love also I will be doing a review on the iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard in case anyone is thinking about getting one.

My sisters and sisters boyfriend got me some like spray thing and its lovely I love it. My friend Tori got me a light up rabbit night light what I love and it looks so cool at night and it’s so cute

I also went to Costa to get a coffee and of course I went with my mum and sister and it was lovely. I also went for some lunch with my family we also went out for some tea as well what was also lovely. I got a Minion birthday cake and as my family and friends know I love Minions so when I knew my cake was going to be a Minion

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