What Did I Get On My 21st Birthday

On the 21st October I made a blog post called “The 4 Things I Would Like On My 21st Birthday and one of the things on that list I got. I’m also going to be adding what I got up to on my birthday as well I’d also like to thank everyone who has sent birthday messages on Twitter.

I got up to a big Happy Birthday 21 bolown in my living room and to my mum and dad giving this wonderful gift what means so much to the gift is a — and its made to protect you.

I also got given a lovely cards from my parents, siblings and grandparents and they all look so sweet and I’ll be adding them to my memory box with the rest of the cards that I have been given over the years.

I also went to Apple to get an iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard what I love also I will be doing a review on the iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard in case anyone is thinking about getting one.

My sisters and sisters boyfriend got me — and its lovely I love it I will also leave a link to the bottom of this blog post in case anyone would like to get it.


My friend Tori got me a light up rabbit night light what I love and it looks so cool at night and it’s so cute

I also went to Costa to get a coffee and of course I went with my mum and sister and it was lovely. I also went for some lunch with my family we also went out for some tea as well what was also lovely. I got a Minion birthday cake and as my family and friends know I love Minions so when I knew my cake was going to be a Minion

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