The 4 Things I Would Like For My 21st Birthday!

To anyone who’s been following me and for a my blog for a while I will know that my Birthday is on the 31st October and yes I was born on Haloween cool I know. Like every year I make a blog post based on things I would like… This is going to be done a list so lets get started! 1. The new Apple Watch S4 – As some of you may know last yeah I got a the Apple Watch S2 for my birthday and I know I’ve only had it for a year but the new one looks so cool. I’ll most proburly not get the Apple Watch but hey I can dream… (This is not what the new Apple Watch looks like this is the one I got last year on my birthday) 2. iPad Pro – I do have a computer but I have always wanted to get an iPad something that I can take around with me. 1 resone is becuse it would be great to have so I can get the blog posts done when Im at my best frinds house and when I’m at other places. The 2nd resone is becuse I help a place called Lordshill Youth Project (LYP) I run thier social meda pages and attend meetings. 3. More smart stuff for my bedroom (TP-Link) – As some of you know I have some smart stuff in my room that is connected to my iPhone SE and my Google Home Mini and well I really want to make room more smart 4. Apple Smart Keyboard– The Smart Keyboard is amazing and it will be fantastic to get with the iPad Pro because I will be able to do my blog posts with it. It’s also a case and Smart Keyboard in one. “Down to me not having a photo of the Apple Smart Keyboard I will leave a link to the Smart Keyboard linked to the Apple website below” Click Here To See The Apple Smart Keyboard Please Note (Related to the GOV UK new social media and blog endorsement rules) “This blog post is not an AD and dose not have relationship with any of the brands that are linked in this post. All the items that are linked in this blog post are brought by the blog owner”