The 4 Things I Would Like For My 21st Birthday!

To anyone who’s been following me and for a my blog for a while I will know that my Birthday is on the 31st October and yes I was born on Haloween cool I know. Like every year I make a blog post based on things I would like…

This is going to be done a list so lets get started!

1. The new Apple Watch S4 – As some of you may know last yeah I got a the Apple Watch S2 for my birthday and I know I’ve only had it for a year but the new one looks so cool. I’ll most proburly not get the Apple Watch but hey I can dream…

(This is not what the new Apple Watch looks like this is the one I got last year on my birthday)

2. iPad Pro – I do have a computer but I have always wanted to get an iPad something that I can take around with me. 1 resone is becuse it would be great to have so I can get the blog posts done when Im at my best frinds house and when I’m at other places. The 2nd resone is becuse I help a place called Lordshill Youth Project (LYP) I run thier social meda pages and attend meetings.

3. More smart stuff for my bedroom (TP-Link) – As some of you know I have some smart stuff in my room that is connected to my iPhone SE and my Google Home Mini and well I really want to make room more smart

4. Apple Smart Keyboard– The Smart Keyboard is amazing and it will be fantastic to get with the iPad Pro because I will be able to do my blog posts with it. It’s also a case and Smart Keyboard in one.

“Down to me not having a photo of the Apple Smart Keyboard I will leave a link to the Smart Keyboard linked to the Apple website below”

Click Here To See The Apple Smart Keyboard

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