The “WHY” Behind The Blog

As some of you may already know I have been blogging for a few years now and I love it I find blogging so much fun and I have many more years to come. Most of you have seen in my Q&A blog posts or bloggers who have interviewed me asking me “What is it what got you into blogging” or “Why did you decided to start blogging” and well I’ve only told you all little bits I have never told you the full response to why I wanted to start blogging. Screenshot_blog.png Ones I was reading a few blogs and thought about making my own blog after a few weeks or so of me wanting to make a blog, I went over to my best friends house Amy Lee to see what she thought about the idea. After a few hours of us talking about it and so on I then decided that ones I got home I would make Jack Deyes Lifestyle and I’m so glad I did. I got home and went on to Google and looked up all kind of different blog subjects and after hours and hours of searching Google and so on I came across lifestyle. Ones I picked my topic and so on I then planned my blog and the name and I then planned some blog posts and some of them you can still read and some I removed. The one reason to why I decided to start blogging was one because I was reading loads of blogs anyway and 2 it looked liked loads of fun. I also made my blog because I wanted something to do instead of just sitting in my room all day playing games on my X-Box and well not really doing anything. I wanted to do something that I knew I would enjoy and I knew that I would enjoy for a long time and well I’m so glad I decided to blog. Image by Pexels (This photo was from a stock photo website) The more I blog the more I love it and I’m not saying that blogging is easy and to run a blog and all the rest of it but at the end of the day if blogging was as easy as people think then to me it won’t be fun….right? I come across new bloggers every day and every single blog looks amazing in their own way and I love how every blog is different. I’ve said this so many times before but if you want to start blogging then go for it because its so much fun and you get to know so many other amazing bloggers.
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