What Have I Been Buying

This blog post is related to all the products I have brought over the last few days and weeks I will be adding photos. I will also add the price to the bottom of this blog post!

AirPods from Apple

A few weeks ago I went over to Apple in West Quew to go and get me and my mum some Airpods from Apple. Me and my mum love them and they are so cool and sound amazing. Anyone who has an Apple device and loves audio and music and they are in your budget then I recommend you go over to Apple or head over to their website and get a some because they are great and so easy to set up

IMG_0417 IMG_0418 img_0416.jpg

Smart Plugs from Tp-Links

A few weeks ago I went Currys and PC World to get 3x smart plugs for my bedroom and to also connect to my Google Home Mini. The TP-Links smart plug is really cool and it’s amazing that I can say ”Hey Google turn Jack’s Cast off” or ”Ok Google Turn on the TV” and it’s also really cool that I can turn it all on and off by my phone as well. To anyone who’s planning on making their bedroom  or house smart then I recommend you get some also they are so cool don’t worry about your energy bills getting stacked up.


img_0396 img_0395

Smart Bulb from Tp-Links

I went on to Amazon the other day to get some smart bulbs for my room and I got them from Amazon and they are really cool just a little bit big. The smart bubbles work the same way as the smart plugs. I connected them to my Google Home Mini and I can now say ”Hey Google turn the lights off” and so on. I can also turn bright and dim the smart bulbs to what % I would like.

img_0387-1 img_0394 img_0393

Cordially Invited 

Zoe Sugg also know as Zoella released her book on (Thursdays 4th September 2018) and I got Zoe’s book from Amazon the same date it got released and I had a little read of it last night and it’s amazing and the guide of hosting and the book is amazing.

Little Mini Fake Plant

I went to Sainsbury’s a few days ago to just have a little look around. I found this cute little fake plant what I found is great for Instagram

Apple AirPods £159.00 TP-Smart Plugs £24.99 TP-Smart Light £24.49 Cordially Invited £10.00
I wasn’t able to find the plant so it’s not listed on the price list sorry!
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