To anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I’m on their way to much well apart from the last 2 weeks.


A few months ago I found a blog post based on why they love using Twitter and I have been trying to find the blogger and the blog post but I can’t seem to find it but ones I do I will add to the comment box of this blog post or put a tweet up on Twitter.


I made a Twitter account so I could follow people who I was into so like bloggers and people who did YouTube videos and so on. After a few years, I ended up unfollowing people and it was just enough app that was just sat on my phone doing nothing.

41401643_315468249260426_4635484320545374208_n After a few months or so I made my blog Jack Deyes and ended up using Twitter again and finding so many bloggers and after a few weeks or so some of the people who read my blog followed me on Twitter. Screenshot_175454.png

Using Twitter for blogging is a fantastic way to promote your blog and connect with other bloggers and people who are interested in the same blog topics as you and Twitter is also good for other things as you and I know.


The reason to why I love using Twitter is because I can connect with other bloggers and my blog followers I also love using Twitter because I can join in on tweets and give other bloggers help and support when they need it!