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I’d just like to inform all the people who are reading this blog post that I have ad permission to add the photos of the bloggers and their blog and social media links. I hope you all enjoy reading this blog post and please go and check the bloggers that are in this post and show their blog some love! 

Jess is the blogger who inspired me to do this bloggers interview in the first place after she interviewed me a couple of months ago. Jesse’s blog and blog posts are amazing and she’s helped and supported me so much over the last few years

Q – Your blog posts and vlogs are amazing and the work that you put into them is amazing. What do you enjoy about blogging and vlogging? A- I love blogging mainly because I love writing. I have always been that kid in school that would write EVERYTHING down and it’s something I have always enjoyed. I like the process of writing a post, editing photos for it and then posting it and then know someone from the other side of the world has taken the time to read it. It brings me tons of joy. When it comes to vlogging, I vlog for myself. I use my vlogs so that I can look back on things. I want to share my journey with other people that might enjoy it. I love editing the videos and actually filming them. There’s so much work that goes into it but it’s hella worth it.
Q- A couple of months or weeks ago, you got a very cute little dog. What 10 things do you love about your dog also what’s your dog’s breed and what’s your dog’s name? A- My pup is a Yorkshire Terrier and his name is Ozzy. He is super cheeky and always causing trouble so let me think of a few things I love about him.
  1. He’s hilarious.
  2. He opens my parcels for me so I don’t have to.
  3. He licks my face when I’m sad. 
  4. He follows me everywhere and it’s impossible to go anywhere in the house without being followed but that’s kinda cute.
  5. When I get home from work he gets so excited that he pees himself as soon as he sees me and that’s pretty much all I need in a best friend.
  6. He’s like a personal hoover. If I drop food on the floor, he hoovers it up so I don’t have to.
  7. He makes me laugh.
  8. How he tries to pick fights with the hoover.
  9. The little head tilt he does when I sneeze. 
  10. How his fave toy is a dinosaur.

A – If you were able to change one thing about blogging, what would it be and why? Q – I guess how hard it is to work with brands you love. Blogs are super hard to grow, it can take years to grow and brands completely ignore that fact. There is so much work that goes into a post and into growing a blog and nobody seems to really get that unless they’re a blogger themselves.
Q – How long have you been blogging for and what got you into blogging? A – When I first got into blogging, I was going through a hard time and honestly, I needed a distraction. I was unemployed, I had just decided I wanted to do college at home, I needed something to keep my mind busy at times my brain would usually overthink. I have always read blogs so I thought blogging would be a great way to go about it and it just happened to be exactly that. I was blogging about something I loved, makeup. And that’s how it started. It will be a year soon since I started Queen Sapphire and I’m super excited about the rebrand that is about to happen when it goes back live.


p1.b.jasmin Jasmin is a blogger from ….. she also has a very cute little boy and loves Instagram. The reason to why I picked Jasmin for this blog post is because of how active she is on Twitter and how much I love reading her blog posts. Jasmin has been added to many other blog posts that I have made for the same reason but still, please check out her blog and social media and show them some love.   Q – Your blog posts are amazing and I love reading them. What got you into blogging and what do you love about blogging?

A – Well, thank you! I’m not quite sure what got me into blogging or how I even began (it was so many years ago!) but I think it was because of the idea of a place where I could write down my thoughts and feelings.

Q – You’re obsessed with Instagram what I love because you’re always so active what’s great. What do you love about Instagram and how has Instagram helped you grow your blog?

A-  I don’t think Instagram has made an enormous effect on my blog/views/following/etc. I’m obsessed with it because I genuinely want to share the pictures I take!

Q – A while back you changed your blog around and it looks amazing. What made you want to change your blog around?

A – I like to change the layout once in a while. I usually do so when I need an extra boost of motivation for blogging or I’m just bored and want to code something. It’s something that makes me more motivated as it feels so new & fresh then.


Q – I like to change the layout once in a while. I usually do so when I need an extra boost of motivation for blogging or

A – LTWJ has been up for 5 years now but I’ve been blogging ~8 years. I’m not sure what got me into blogging, to be honest, but I’ve been enjoying it a lot!

Jasmin Blog LITTLE THINGS WITH JASMIN Jasmin Twitter @jjjasuliii Jasmin Instagram @jjjasuuu  
blogblogger Alanna is a UK blogger and she is such a kind blogger and her blog posts are amazing the response to why I asked Alanna if I can add her to this blog post is because of how much support she has shown to me and my blog.         
  Q – What do you love about blogging? A-  I love that I can share my creativity and my freedom of speech. I get to share who I really am with a bunch of total strangers and I love it.
Q – What is it that inspired you to become a blogger? A – I have always loved writing I have poems published in books I have books waiting to be finished on my laptop so I’d say that my own passion for writing inspired me to become a blogger.
Q – What social media do you use the most and why? A – This is constantly changing because I am always varying my time on my social media platforms but at the moment I am mainly using my Instagram where I am uploading three times a day and yes it is as hard as it sounds!
Q – Who are your 5 favourite bloggers? A – This is such a hard one for me because I can never narrow it down I absolutely love all of my blogger friends and I 100% see every single one of them as my favourite. So instead of choosing from my blog friends list, I am going to share 5 blogs that I think more people should find.
  1. Louise Pentland
  2. Em Sheldon
  3. Jordan
  4. Kristi
  5. Yasmin Nicole 

Alanna’s blog Ax Alanna’s Instagram lifelikeagalaxygirlblog Alanna’s Twitter likeagalaxygirl Alanna’s Pinterest  Lifelikeagalaxygirl Alanna’s Facebook Page Facebook Lifelikeagalaxygirl Alanna’s YouTube Channel YouTube  A Vlog
blogger1.3 Laura is an amazing blogger and I have only been following and reading her blog posts for a few weeks now and I love them. Laura blog posts are amazing and the photos that she takes are amazing. Laura also has an Instagram account and the photos on her Instagram page are amazing as well.     Q – I haven’t been following your amazing blog for long but what I’d like to know is what inspired you to start blogging? A – Really it started out as just a hobby to be honest! I had just finished university and with having only a part-time job I had a lot of time spare.
Q – How long have you been blogging for? A – I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now! It all started in the autumn of 2016.
Q – Do you have any pets and if yes what and if no what would you like? A – Yes, I do! I have a lovely black cat called Luna, she’s so cute and I tend to always have a picture of her on Instagram!
Q – What’re your thoughts on the blogging community? A – I feel that the blogging community is incredibly supportive and probably some of the nicest people I’ve spoken to! I can remember first joining the blogging community and everyone was so open and friendly and were always there for advice.
Laura’s blog LittleBlackBoots Laura’s Twitter @LBBblogs Laura’s Instagram @lauramaffews
wp-1530821535164.jpeg Sarah is an amazing blogger and like many other bloggers, Sarah has been mentioned a number of times for being so supportive of other bloggers. Sarah blog and blog posts are amazing and she does such an amazing job       Q – What got you into blogging and what do you enjoy about it? A – I saw a few bloggers online and the community looked fun and appealing. I wanted to try new products and share my thoughts with people online. I enjoy making friends in the blogging community and I love trying lots of new products and letting people know what I like about them.
Q – I see you love helping bloggers why is this? A – I like to help people the best I can and will share other bloggers posts and support them the best I can. I know what it’s like to receive support and I want other people to feel this way too.
Q – Which platform do you like more, Twitter or Instagram and why? A – I prefer Twitter as I find it more fun to use and easier to communicate with others and help retweet other bloggers work and I also enter a lot of competitions on there to try and get more products I can review.
Sarah’s Blog Sarah Trademark Sarah’s Facebook Page @sarahtrademark Sarah’s Twitter @sarahTRADEMARK Sarah’s Instagram @sarahtrademark
img_9080 Okoto is such a great blogger and she is supportive of me and many other bloggers. The work that Okoto puts into her blog is amazing and I have been following  her blog for such a long time and it lovely to see her blog grown to what it is today         Q – I have known you for a long time in the blogging community. What is it that got you into blogging? A –  Honestly, I always wanted to start blogging but didn’t know where to start; until my cousin pushed me into it. It started as a hobby blog at first until I found my niche; now Okoto Enigma’s Blog is more of a passion and a source of income for me.
Q – You made a blogging award where other bloggers can nominate one another. What made you want to start an award for bloggers? A – When I started blogging, I saw that most bloggers were not recognized and as I stated as part my reason for making the Mystery Blogger Award, which I named after myself, it’s so bloggers who put so much effort into their work get the attention and recognition they deserve. Right now, my award has gotten a response from hundreds of people; and it’s so amazing.
Q – If you were able to change anything about blogging what would it be and why? A – I think I’d change the whole idea of bigger bloggers getting more sponsorship than smaller bloggers due to their high following which may have been bought because small bloggers also put so much, if not more effort into blogging than the bigger bloggers do. Brands need to stop looking at numbers and focus on their work or potential
Okoto’s blog Okoto Enigma Okoto’s Instagram @enigma_oke Okoto’s Twitter @EnigmaOkoto
img_9081 Kara is such a lovely blogger and the hard work she puts into her blog and blog posts is amazing Kara is also one of 5 my favourite bloggers. Kara also has a PA her dog CoCo who gives Kara a helping paw with her blog and Instagram story      
Q – Your Instagram page is amazing and I love your stories. What do you love about Instagram and why? A – Thank you! I’ve always loved photos right since I had my first camera phone, not only to take them but the editing too. So to curate a feed and have it any way I want is really encouraging – plus to see everyone else’s ideas spring to life in their own feed brings lots of creativity and diversity on the platform! As far as far as stories go .. I keep it 100% on there and they’re a long way from my feed, but again what an amazing feature! Plus they’re a great way to find out if your followers prefer Cookie Crisp or Cornflakes – an all-important question of life… or you can create musicals about your dog! Marvellous!
Q – love reading your blog posts. What got you into blogging and why did you become a blogger? A – I got into blogging originally in secondary school – but dropped it after a few months, I just did a few reviews. I started again because I was too scared to do a YT channel, but also the fact that I just love to write. I express myself so much better when I’m writing if I had to speak out my thoughts I’d be a heart racing, stuttering, nervous wreck. I mean all hail the backspace is all I’ll say!
Q – You seem really close to your dog what 10 things do you love about CoCo and why?
  1. Coco has little curls all over her body and I’m a lil jealous of that perm I won’t lie.
  2. She’s a sassy gal.
  3. She’s lucky she’s cute because boy oh boy she can be a naughty one.
  4. She gives no cares as to what anyone thinks – if you’re sleeping and she hears something, you’re getting an earful.
  5. I love that she just trots around the house and joins me and Kieran on our sofa when she feels like it.
  6. She’s a greedy guts – one time Kieran left 3 cakes in a box, when he walked in the room there was no Coco but the icing had magically disappeared off the cakes. She still to this day denies all accusations the minx.
  7. She is so playful! She loves playing football with Kieran it’s the cutest thing!
  8. I view her as my little sister, she’s like my child but also my friend you know?
  9. Her eyelashes literally grow to half the size of my finger it’s insane! She blinks and I get blown to France…
.. it’s that intense!
  1. She has a heart of gold and gets so excited she pees whenever we walk through the front door – and whilst it’s annoying constantly cleaning up her dribble. it’s cute she gets so happy she can’t contain herself, literally. She’s my little poppet and I adore her!

Kara Blog Kara Davies Kara Instgram @eldeeable Kara Twitter @eldeeable
screen-shot-2018-08-22-at-12.28.45.png.png Snita is a food blogger and her blog posts are amazing and the photos of the food look so yummy Sunita’sInstagram page also looks amazing yes that’s filled with loads of amazing food as well.
      Q- What food do you like? A – My favourite food is sushi! Really good sushi that’s fresh and high quality is amazing! I like that it is full of flavour, healthy and good for you too!
Q – Have you eaten any food in other countries? A – I love travelling for food! I often visit countries and cities just so I can indulge in the local cuisine! For example, I recently got back from Bologna, the foodie capital of Italy where I had pasta and wine to my heart’s content!
Q – What do you love about blogging? A – I love writing about my favourites things – which are food and travel! When you are passionate about something it’s really easy to share your love through a blog. I also love that it connects me to other foodies and travellers around the world – I’ve met such great people through blogging!
  Q – What do you love about Instagram and why? A –Instagram is a great way to share my favourite dishes, restaurants and travel destinations with people who are genuinely interested in it. I love that Instagram makes sharing and connecting with people who have the same hobbies as you super easy! Snita’s Blog Her Favourite Food Snita’s Facebook: Her Favourite Food Snita’s Instagram: @herfavfood Snita’s Twitter: @herfavfood
Me and Amy   Amy Lee is my best friend and I really wanted to add her to this blog post. Amy’s blog is amazing and the support we give one another with our blogs is amazing.    
A – What do you love about blogging? Q – I like being able to be creative and the support and social side of the blogging community.
A- What do you enjoy about blogging? Q – Being able to do my own design and post what I like and finding people with the same / similarities interest.
A – Whats are your thoughts on the blogging community?

Q – The blogging community has its ups and downs but 99% of the bloggers across all topics are supportive

Lee’s Blog Amy Lee Amy Lee’s Twitter @Amy_Lee_20 Amy Lee’s Instagram @amy_lee03