Why I Love Supporting Other Bloggers

A few months ago I asked you all over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook if you would like me to do a blog post based on why I love supporting bloggers and most of you said so here it is and I hope you enjoy reading it.
What got me into wanting to help and support other bloggers was after a few months of having my blog the reason to why is because when I started blogging to me I had no one to ask for or support and down to me not being 100% sure what to say to a blogger I just stayed away now this isn’t me saying that bloggers wouldn’t help or supported me then because I’m sure they would.
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After a few months of blogging, I kept seeing bloggers tweeting “how can I do this” or “I feel like giving up blogger” I kept thinking what can I do to help and well after talking to the bloggers who needed help before I knew it I was helping and supporting so many other amazing bloggers one who have been doing blogging for a long time to bloggers who have been doing blogging for a few weeks. Screenshot_3.png Down to this, I have ended up seeing their blogs grow and their passion for blogging to seeing them beat their goals and some bloggers who I have helped and supported I still do today and I’m lucky to have them as my blogging friend. Blogging is one of them things were there are new people setting up blogs and joining this community and when I come across new bloggers I go back to when I started and it’s also one of those things were we should help and support one another no matter how big your blog is, no matter how many followers you have and yes its great to have people following your blog and so on because that means people love reading your blog posts but we should still be helping and supporting one another. wp-1491222061319.jpeg Blogging is amazing and all the people who are part of this blogging community is amazing and they all have wonderful blogs.antro-vectra.regular.png