Day Out At The Beach

This blog is not like the other blog posts where they are really long and filled with loads of texts. I hope you all enjoy reading this blog post as much as I did making it!

A few days ago I and my friend WildX_ went on a bike ride to the beach for the day to enjoy the sunny hot weather whiles the UK still had it. We also got some photo’s and yes, of course, some of them will be on Instagram

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I and WildX_ went for a very long bike ride and it was so much fun and just enjoying being out and not having to worry about all the other stuff that I had sort what was lovely. Me and WildX_ did try to get an ice cream but we didn’t know if they accepted contactless so we ended up looking for a shop and after riding around looking for one we did and we got ice lollies but the only problem was instead of us finding somewhere to stop and eat we just continued to ride our bikes and eat at the same time and well that didn’t go plan.


Me and Wild_X also found The Red Funnel what me and WildX_ did try to take a photo of but it was going was to fast we also found The Red Jet as well and that looked really cool. I and WildX_ also went to WWII remembering place and one of the men passed away 3 days before I was born. The WWII remembering was so lovely and peaceful. It was such a lovely day.

“I Do Not Have Any Photos Of  WWII Remembering Place Because It Doesn’t Feel Right”