Kiara | UpDate 1

Lots of you have told me how much you all love reading blog posts that Kiara my rabbit is based in down to all the lovely feedback I thought every couple of months I would make little blog posts based on Kiara so its kind of like a mini update kinda thing. Now, this isn’t going to be the long blog posts that I normally do but hopefully, that’s ok.

Kiara | Update 1

Over the few weeks, Kiara has been hopping around the outdoor pen enjoying the sun and doing loads of diggings and well enjoying the bunny life. Kiara has also been playing with her blue ball and it’s defiantly her favourite toy out all of the toys she has I’ve also been trying different food with her at the moment so she doesn’t get bored and fed up of having the same old food day in and day out. At the moment she’s trying cucumber and I think she likes it.

Kiara also enjoys eating grass what I was unsure about at first because she never got given grass to eat at Pets At Home and they weren’t 100% sure if her old owner had ever given it to her before. Also, some of you may remember when I said ” Kiara doesn’t like being groomed and makes a hides away” well she now lets me groom her now she isn’t too keen with being groomed but shes got a lot better.

I’m also trying to save up to get her an outdoor hutch so she can enjoy the outdoors more the one I’m planning on getting is from Pets At Home like most of her stuff is also down to me not having permission from Pets At Home to use a photo of the hutch I will leave a link to their website of hutch Kiara maybe getting just in case any of you are intreated or wanting to get a hutch for your rabbit.

I also go to Pets At Home to get Kiara’s rabbits toys and yes I go to Pets At Home way too much also last time I knew Pets At Home had this offer going (3 toys of £2) but I’m not 100% sure if they still have that offer going in their stores or not.

Kiara was from the Pets At Home Support Adoption for Pets they help pets find their new loving home and make sure no matter what the pet they get the care they need. Support Adoption for Pets also sends money to animal places to help them continue their work and support to other animals. This is NOT an AD!

Some Things That I’m Planning On Getting Kiara and What She’s Had!

Rabbit Hutch

Pets at Home Sisal Carrot

Small Carrot Gnawers 2 Pack

Nobbly Gnawer Small Pet Treat

Tug-n-Gnaw Small Pet Treat

Small Animal Loofah Veg Chew

Pets at Home Small Animal Rainbow Rope Ball Toy

Large Vegetable Play Patch

Kiara’s Instagram Page

This is NOT an AD!

All the photos on this blog post belong to me and I do not give permission for anyone to use photos of Kiara.