Lifestyle Bloggers To Follow And Why

I’ve done blog posts like this before it was all mixed with all kind of different bloggers based on all kind of different subjects. This one is going to based on just lifestyle bloggers and some of them you may already read but please make sure you check the bloggers who have been kind enough to let me add them to this blog post. With all that said let’s get started shall we.
CgExlUXgAllanah is an amazing blogger and I love reading her lifestyle blog posts and the work that she puts in is amazing and the more I read Allanah blog posts the more I love her blog. Allanah is a very kind loving person and supports all bloggers and shows what the blogging community is really about.   “I started blogging in my last year of high school during a study period that I definitely didn’t study enough during! I’ve been blogging since 2015 on and off and have been running my current blog since 2017. I love writing about all things beauty, skincare and fashion related and also cover lifestyle and relationships on my blog.” Blog Allanah Louise Find Allanah On Twitter  Instagram 
  wp-1530821418405.jpegKeely is an amazing blogger and I love reading her lifestyle blog posts Keely photos that she takes for her blog posts are amazing and she works so hard on her blog. Kelly supports so many bloggers and shows them so much love on their blog.     “So, my name is Keely Ray and I’m a seventeen-year-old Lifestyle/Beauty/Fashion Blogger from Staffordshire. I have always been into writing since I was younger, entering writing competitions and even going onto winning them, but I never really found something I could stick to. This is when I discovered blogging, and as I progressed in blogging on and off over a couple of years, I decided enough is enough and I sat down with PipDig and created my very own ‘official’ blog, which is now known as “xoxKeely”. I’m a very open person and I love interacting with other people my age or even of all ages who are interested in the same “girly” day to day things as me. I love sharing my personal experiences with life and it’s so interesting reading all the comments I get and being able to interact with them, too. My hobbies aside blogging, of course, involve listening to music & going to concerts with my supportive and amazing boyfriend, doing charity work, for example, I raised £415 for walking 20 miles for Cancer Research with my boyfriend and I also enjoy socialising with friends and photography taking. I have an eye for nature!” Blog xox Keely Find Keely On Twitter Instagram    
wp-1530821535164.jpegSarah is an amazing blogger and her blog header and blog looks amazing. I love reading her blog they are so fun and I recommend Sarah blog to anyone and Sarah supports so many bloggers in the community it’s amazing to see. “I first started blogging nearly four years ago after seeing other people doing it online and seeing how fun it looked and how I wanted to be part of that community. Apart from blogging in my spare time, I like relaxing and watching a film or spending time with my husband and our pets. We like to go on days out and spend time with our families too”. Blog Sarah Trademark Find Sarah On Twitter Instagram Facebook Page
_ShGioBZ (1)Soph’s blog is based on student life and even though I’m no longer a student I still love reading Soph’s blog. I found Soph’s blog a couple of months ago and I love reading her blog posts. Her blog looks amazing and she puts so much work into her blog and so supportive to other bloggers.
“I started blogging because I did an Erasmus year abroad and found it really amusing and challenging but no one else was talking about it online… so I started a blog, my mum loved it and when I shared it online it went really well! I love that it gives me something to write that’s not related to a job or university I studied art so a hobby is definitely discovering new galleries or artists and I also love food so always want to try a new restaurant or food!”
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Megan is an amazing blogger and her blog looks amazing. Megan works incredibly hard on her blog and it really shows when you read her blog. I only found Megan’s blog a few weeks ago and I recommend her blog to anyone.
“I’m a 23-year-old content exec from Sussex who started blogging over 4 years ago as a way to fill my downtime at uni. I’m into bullet journalling and photography, which have become a huge part of my blog over the years. I’ve always watched YouTube videos and seen people like Zoella shouting about their blogs too. I’d also always been interested in websites and design, and thought it would be nice to have a space of my own to dedicate to that. I didn’t expect anyone to read my posts really, but I just enjoyed writing. Over the years I’ve written about a range of things, from beauty to fashion, travel, book reviews, Scrapbooking and just about anything lifestyle related you can think of!
As mentioned, my hobbies really are bullet journalling, photography and blogging. They’re all creative hobbies and all very much linked nowadays.”
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I would just like to say a big thank you to all the amazing bloggers who have given me permission to add them to this blog post. I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I did making it and please make sure to check out the bloggers who have been added to this blog post and please go and show their blog some love.
I’d also just like to tell you all that every year I will be doing this kind of blog post and the reason to why I’m doing this kind of blog post every year is because I’m able to support other bloggers and get them noticed and some of you may also like their blog so it gives you all some more amazing bloggers to read.
This is also my 99 blog post so you know what that means next weekend will be my 100th blog post what is crazy and to give you little hint of what the blog post will be about its going to be based on all the wonderful things I’ve done on my blog and the amazing opportunities that have come along with it and its also based on every single one of you.