Photo Time

This blog post is going to be filled with my favourite photos I’m also going to be adding why the photo is my favourite and so on. I will also be adding some links to the photo’s that are related to the blog post but just to let you know this will not be for all of them. I will also be adding a link to The Poppy Cakes Cafe website for anyone who would like to check them out.


In 2017 I  went to Camden Market in London it was amazing and some of the things they had were amazing. When me and my family was walking around the market I found this little cafe what we never got the chance to go into because we had to get to Victoria Coach Station so we can go home but it looked really nice inside. Maybe I can go in their one day.

Link – The Poppy Cakes Cafe Blog Post – London 2017 138128169962558.jpg

Now and then I go to and see my best friend who lives a long way from me one day she was downstairs making us hot chocolate. I was up in her room getting her iPad and going on to Amazon Films or whatever its called and when I looked around the sky looked like this.


This is a photo that I took when I use to attend college. When I took this photo I never thought it was going to turn out like this, in fact, I just randomly took it because well I had nothing to do. I like this photo because whenever I look at it it just kind of reminds me of winter I’m not too sure why in fact I don’t know if this photo was taken in the winter time or not.


This photo was also not meant to turn out like but I’m glad it did because I think it looks amazing. I took this photo when I was with my friend WildX_ we went out for a walk and we thought we’d take a few photos mess around and see what we both come out with and this is one of them and I love it.

FB_IMG_1525020632124 This photo I love because of how bight it is and it looks lovely it looks. I love autumn for this abstract reason I love seeing the leaves change colours and full off the tress. womad-2017-4.jpeg.jpeg

To anyone who read my —Womad— blog posts you will know that Womad stands for World Of Music And Dance. The reason why I like this photo is that when I went to Womad I was with my family and Womad is really cool and the food is so yummy and music sounds amazing.

Womad Blog Post 2016 Womad Blog Post 2017 wp-image-1084975206jpeg.jpeg

As I have mentioned on my blog, Instagram, and Twitter I have a pet called Kiara who you all seem to just love whats so sweet. The reason to why I love this photo so much is because 1 is a photo of Kiara who I love so much and 2 this is the day Kiara came to her new home and forever home.

Blog Post – What I got for Christmas (2017) 15134668_167157590421498_8307691648817519137_n.jpg

This rabbit is called Dominoes that not a lot of you know but Dominos meant everything to me and I loved his so much. Unforchently Dominoes passed away down to old age but in my mind, he’s still with me because I have loads of memories


I thought I would pick this photo as the last one because this is a photo of me and Will I Am. He was in a hotel because he was in London to go and do the Voice when he walked out of the hotel I just froze and completely forgot what I was doing. He’s such a kind person and so funny.

Blog Post – London Trip