How I Became Friends With Other Bloggers

When I started blogging I was so confused I actually had no clue what I was doing like yeah ok I had an idea about what a blog was and so on but actually having my own one if you get what I mean. Ones I knew how to run my blog and so on I noticed that other bloggers were talking and engaging with one another what I thought was really cool and I really really wanted to get know some other bloggers but I had no clue what say or anything I was kind of like a little fish in this big pond with loads of big fish….if that makes any sense what so ever……..Anyway after trying to work out what to say I found a tweet that someone put up on Twitter that someone who I was randomly following re-tweeted.


The tweet was about Katie doing headers for bloggers “I’m not too sure if she does them now or not” I messaged Katie and asked if I can have one made and a few days later I checked out her blog and read loads of her blog posts and I loved them and still do. I also messaged Katie about how much I love her blog posts and I ended up following her on Twitter and Instagram. Now and then I would put a comment on her blog post and put a tweet up about her blog and try to support her as much as possible and I still do today.


After a month or so I asked Kaite if she would like to make a Twitter group with me for bloggers so other bloggers can connect with one another. Me and Katie made the group chat and added any bloggers who wanted to be a part of it and the group chat was so much fun and most of the bloggers who were part of the group chat I still talk to and support today. The other bloggers who I’m friends with are from other group chats I use to be apart of or just other bloggers who I’ve engaged with and noticed.


I know some people are going to say “They are not real friends” but to me they are and yes I know that I don’t know them outside of the blogging world but at the end of the day all the bloggers all over the world old and new are part of this and we all should continue to help and support one another no matter what.