Top 3 Favorite Movies

A couple months ago I went to ASDA to go and get the NOWTV box and part of the NOWTV box I got 3 months free of Sky Cinema so I ended up watching loads and loads of movies. A Street Cat Named Bob is an amazing movie I have read the book one that I have and 3 of them from my best friend.  When I found out the a movie is coming out about Bob I was so excited and when I found it on on Sky Cinema I was so happy. In case anyone is wondering what A Street Cat Named Bob is about it’s about a cat that a man found after a few weeks of trying to find a home after being homeless and other problems that he was trying to fight. As I have already said this cat found this man after a few weeks of finding his new little house, after a few days or so this man found a cat and took him to the vets to get him better. After looking after him and getting him better the man let the cat contine with his life walking around the streets but the cat loved the man so much he didn’t want to go and continued to stayed and followed him… To find out more read the book or watch the movie your love it.
The Boss Baby I wasn’t to sure about because some people said “The Boss Baby isn’t that good” and so on and other people said “I loved it and it’s so funny” and so on. When I started to watch The Boss Baby I was a bit off but after a couple of minutes it turns out it is really funny and I would definitely  watch it again and in case anyone is wondering what The Boss Baby is well I’ll tell you. The Boss Baby is a movie that is well set on this baby that is undercover and moves in with normal family and when this baby moves in with this”normal” family the other kid that the mum and dad have doesn’t like the new baby. the kid dose all he can to get mum and dads to give him the same love as they are to the  baby. Skipping along because  i don’t want to go giving loads of it away the boy finds out what the baby is up to and they work with one another to fight this thing. Sorry if that doesn’t sound that fun to watch but i recommend you go and watch the move or look it up on YouTube so you get a better idea of what The Boss Baby is about.
The Sully isn’t something I would normally watch at all but this is was more better then I what I thought it would be I also looked this movie up on Google after i watched it and apparently its based on a real story what I liked about it even more. The Sully is based in the city of New York (USA) and this man is the captain of this plan and something happened to the plean and the captain did what he had to do. Skipping ones again after a couple of months or so the captain had to have a big meeting with all kind of different people so of them worked for the air line and some dint down to all this going on he ended up loads of stress and his family unforntally got dragged in to this as well with the media and so on. You’d have to watch it to kind of get the idea of what the movie is about and so. But watch it on YouTube or something before you go getting it and end up wasting your money.