The Life Of a Part-Time Blogger

For every blogger this going to be different no matter if they do blogging full-time or part-time like me. I have done a blog post like this before and I thought I would do it again because a lot of things in my life has changed and so on… PO1Me4Zj.2 I normally get up around about 10:00AM-11:30AM then I go scroll through my notifications after that I get up and feed my rabbit Kiara what follows by giving her hugs and kisses. I then go downstairs to make cup of coffee and get something to eat after that I get dressed and ready for the day. After doing all that I then look at calendar and planner to see if I have anything important going on or anyone to meet up with. Ones I have done that I then sart planning and making a list of things I need to do throughout the day. The one thing that I spend most of my day doing is planning blog posts and getting them done and trying to work out what photos I need. After a few hours or so I then go on to my computer to check my emails and to add things to my calendar and I also check on Kiara as well to make sure she is okay and happy and put music on. c.blogpost4 3 days a week I go to work and I’m there for most of the afternoon what is fun at times I also get up around about 9:00AM-9:30AM so I don’t over sleep. Ones work is done and over with I go home to make tea and to make even more coffee of course! I also go to see Kiara to spend some time with her and to make a little list of the little jobs I may have left to do such as blog posts and emails so on and I’m also checking my social media and tweeting none stop oh and Instagram stories. h2DLTOu5.4.jpg Now and then me and my friend WiLDXUnderscore go to town and also get a Costa of couscous  I get a coffee and WiLDXUnderscore has a Hot Chocolate. We also go over to  Apple and other shops around town and “try not to spend to much of the £) hahaha. I also try to get photos for my Instagram page and blog posts. Now and then I will meet up with some other friends and go out with my family when I can.     antro-vectra.regular.png