New Goals and Goals update (2018)

This blog post is kind of like a little update from the goals that I set a couple of months ago and new goals that I have set myself for the next couple of months.

Also just to let you all know I now put my blog posts up on (Sunday) at the same time what is (5PM). The reason to why I’m adding this bit in is because some people got a bit confused about why I didn’t post on Saturday so I’m sorry if I confused any of you.

Big thank you for all the love on my blog post from last Sunday I hope it helped some of you and I will leave a link to that at the bottom of this blog post.

Old Goals Update  

  • Supporting as many bloggers as possible – I’m so glad I’ve achieved this one because I love helping and supporting other bloggers and the thing is we are all in this community together and we should all support one another no matter what. Also even though I’ve achieved this one I’m going to do my best to continue to support even more bloggers.


  • Get better at taking photos and editing them – I’ve got really good at editing my photos but I still think I can get better at actually taking them.screenshot_2018-04-20-23-36-56_kindlephoto-2659511.png
  • Get better at Twitter – I think I’ve got better at Twitter and yes I already know how to use Twitter but what I mean is responding to people’s tweets more and connect with loads of other bloggers.screenshot_2018-04-10-17-11-17_kindlephoto-4087940.png
  • Don’t all ways say “YES” –  Now I can explain I kinda dint end complaining this and I ended up saying “YES” to people anyway. I don’t mean I say yes to every single person but I don’t know I just wasn’t able to do it.

New Goals

  • Work even harder on my blog – To anyone who read my blog post about my goals a couple of ago you may remember that I already mentioned this goal in the post. The reason to why I’m adding this again is because the way I look at this goal is “I managed to work hard and get all that done on my blog what can I try and improve for this month on my blog if that makes any sense.img_20180422_170419.jpg
  • Get better at social media – Now even though I’m good at social media already I’ve noticed that I go through this franchise of sticking to Twitter for a couple of weeks and then sticking on Instagram the next and so on. What I would like to do is focus on them both hopefully that isn’t going to hard….hahahareceived_416212165516038_kindlephoto-891936.jpg
  • Try to get better a sleeping pattern – Some of you may have noticed that I go to bed at 2AM-3AM and get up at 10AM-11AM what really isn’t good img_4644-1
  • Get better at taking photos – People comment and tell me how much they like my photos what is really kind of them but there is something I’m not too happy about and I’m not too sure what it is but hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so I will find what that is and work to improve it received_417572075380047.jpeg
  • Get better at keeping on top of my lists -I love making lists and trust me I have a lot and I even more on my phone but it’s gotten to the point where I’ve made so many I’ve ended up on being able to keep on top of them wp-image-29595604jpeg.jpeg
  • Get better at reading other bloggers blogs – I try to support  as many bloggers as possible and I’m following so many blogs I’m finding it hard to catch up and stay up to date on all the amazing blogs I read

Wake up early – This kind of related to the one about (Getting a better sleep pattern) what I’d love to start doing is waking up atc” 7AM-8AM so I can get more stuff done in the day and spend most of the day doing stuff instead of being asleep. I’m very aware this may take more than a couple of months but you never know.


  • Get better at saving up money – I’m currently trying to save up for a new iPhone but the only problem I have is that if I know I have enough for something and I want to then I’ll end up getting it like the Google Home Mini (by the way I do a lot of research before I get something I don’t just get it because I want it)FB_IMG_1525020849822

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Last Sunday Blog Post (April 22, 2018) CLICK HERE

8 thoughts on “New Goals and Goals update (2018)

  1. Great goals! Just keep working at them and it’ll all come together!
    I also know how you feel with keeping up with fellow bloggers posts. There’s just soo many and there’s only so many I can read. It’s such a hard decision to choose

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so jealous of your ability to set goal, for some reason I shy away from it. I go week by week. I completely relate to a few of the thing you want to work on – like sticking to social media. I try to plan it out better now in an actual planer and I find it works, I also use scheduling tools now that I found helpful, though I have to admit I kind of gave up on facebook (other then for work purposes) I am SO board with it I can’t bring myself to invest in it. I think your pictures are already really really good! You are already one of the most supportive person I ever came across, the support you show other bloggers is amazing. Good Luck with all you want to achieve.

    Liked by 1 person

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