20 Things About Me

NO.1 I have a pet rabbit called Kiara


NO.2 I love technology and smart things like the Google Home Mini


No.3 I’m obsessed with Twitter


NO.4 I love taking photos


NO.5 I love helping and supporting bloggers


NO.6 I love London


No.7 I love Costa


NO.8 I love lifestyle things


NO.9 I like playing music – The music I play is very random


No.10 I like to spend time on my own – when I say “I like to spend time on my own” I don’t mean that in a mean way I just generally do


NO.11 My favourite room in the house is my bedroom


NO.12 I love Minions


NO.13 like hand made things


No.14 I love social media


NO.15 I’m very strict about who I become friends with – This isn’t with bloggers more people in the real world. I have always been like this not to sure why


NO.16 I love coffee


NO.17 I love looking after animals


NO.18 I use Instagram to edit my photos


NO.19 I really love blogging


NO.20 Rabbits are my favourite animal


9 thoughts on “20 Things About Me

  1. Loved learning more about you Jack, and so much of what you wrote I could relate to (I LOVE London, and the best coffee I had there at Costa. I can’t survive without coffee, tried it once, the people around me didn’t like the decaffeinated version of me).
    I have to be honest and admit I have no clue what that little google ball thingy is:)

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    1. Haha that’s cool and yeah I love being on my own all ways have and all ways will. I know to some people that may sound like I’m being mean in some way but of course I don’t. I hope you spin week and thank you for your comment

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  2. I love coffee too! And I’m also obsessed with Twitter! I am afraid of rabbits tho. Extremely afraid lol. I am called by my friends the Queen of Social Media. It’s not as serious as they make it sound but I do love social media. Lol. Great post! Love getting to know other bloggers!

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