My Blogging Q&A

This Q&A is different to the other ones I’ve done in the pass this one is about blogging. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did making it.


Q “What’s your favourite thing about nature”

A Is that it’s so silent and peaceful Nikon Snap Shot


Q “What do you like most about blogging ?”

A That I’m able to have my own little place on the internet were I’m able to post what I like and to have people who are interested in the same thing as me to actually be able to read it and get involved with what ever that blog post subject maybe about. The other is that you’re able to connect with your blog readers and able to connect with other amazing bloggers who are also part of this wonderful community.

Nicolel Blake


A “What made you start your blog”

Q I was reading some people’s blogs mostly based on lifestyle and after a couple of weeks or so later I went to my best friends house Amy Lee and used her iPad to read and check out some more blogs and after a couple of months later I was at home bored and just thought I’d make a blog and well here it is.



A “What do you love about supporting other bloggers”

Q Being able to help them with what ever that maybe from giving them advice, tips, ideas and so much more. To me personally being a “blogger” isn’t just about making of blogs, connoting with other bloggers and so on it’s also about supporting one another and even if I’m able to help even one blogger that’s good enough for me.

Blogger Support

4 thoughts on “My Blogging Q&A

  1. I love the first picture:) walking through the woods is such a peaceful thing to do. Your last answer is my favorite, and you really do offer so much support for other bloggers. keep doing what you do.

    Liked by 1 person

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