5 Lifestyle Blogger Who Inspire Me

As you know from the title of today’s blog post you can already tell what this blog post is going to be about. Before we get started I’d just like to tell you that the bloggers that I have picked for this blog post are the people who I’ve notice a lot in the blogging community and the ones who inspire me to continue my passion for blogging. I’d also like to inform you that all the bloggers in this post have given me permission to use their photos and to add their blog and social media links. No.1 | Katie Leigh Katie Leigh is one of my most favourite bloggers as some of you may already know. Katie is an amazing blogger and she helps and supports me so much. Kate’s lifestyle blog posts are fantastic and I love reading them and Katies photos that she takes for her blog are wonderful they look amazing. Kate’s blog is based on lifestyle and beauty and the way Katie inspires me is because the support she shows to other bloggers and the advice she gives is amazing. Click here to visit Katie’s blog Click here to visit Katie’s Twitter page Click here to check out Katie’s Instgram page No. 2 | Maria J Maria J has been blogging for a while way before I started if I’m correct and the way I found Maria’s blog was by someone who I follow on Twitter they mentioned Maria’s blog in a tweet. From then I started to read Maria’s lifestyle blog post and I love reading them and I love the photos she takes as well also Maria’s blog looks amazing. When you read Maria’s blog you can really tell how much passionate she has about her blog and how much work she has put in to her blog post . The way Maria inspires me is by how much work and cooperation she puts in to her blog and all the tips and advice she gives to other bloggers. Click here to visit Maria’s blog Click here to visit Maria’s Twitter page Click here to check out Maria’s Instgram page No. 3 | Jasmin Now some of you may know Jasmin for her amazing photos on Instagram and her wonderful but yet crazy Instagram story’s. To anyone who follows me on Instagram you may of noticed that I call Jasmin “The Instagram Queen” also Jasmin house is filled with great places for Instagram. I’ve been following Jasmin blog for the last 3-4 months I believe and when I read 2 of her blog posts I knew I was going to enjoy reading all the other amazing of posts she has planned and well I wasn’t wrong that’s for sure. What I like about Jasmin blog posts is when I read them I get really stuck in to her blog post to the point I want to find out more. It’s kinda like when you read a book and you have to wait for the next book to come out the only difference is I don’t get to find out what happens next. The work that Jasmin puts so much work in to her blog and its amazing I love her photos they look amazing and her little boy looks so cute. The way Jasmin inspires me is how wonderful her blog posts are and how friendly she is to so many other bloggers in the community. Click here to visit Jasmin’s blog Click here to visit Jasmin’s Twitter page Click here to check out Jasmin’s Instgram page No. 4 Lydia Lydia is an amazing lifestyle blogger her blog posts are amazing and I love reading them. The passion and dedication that Lydia has for blogging is unbelievable and the way Lydia inspires me is because of the dedication she has and how much she involves other bloggers and makes the blogging community a even more happy place Click here to visit Lydia’s blog Click here to visit Lydia’s Twitter page Click here to check out Lydia’s Instgram page  No. 5 Kirsty Kirsty lifestyle blog post are so fun to read the one I loved reading the most is the (What I bought in Japan | Pokemon centre) and their was also a video added to the blog post as well. The way Kirsty inspired me is how much work she puts into not only to her blog but also in to her amazing YouTube channel. Kirsty also blogs about beauty and fashion. Click here to visit Kirsty’s blog Click here to visit Kirsty’s Twitter page Click here to check out Kirsty’s Instgram page Click here to check out Kirsty’s YouTube channel antro-vectra.regular.png Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com