My Favourite Apps For Blogging

I’ve seen loads of different blog posts based on “what are the best apps to use for bloggers” and so on but I’ve never seen or read one that was kinda based on the same subject but was about what apps the blogger liked for blogging so I thought I’d make a blog post on that subject. I’m sure there are loads and loads of blog posts that are based on the same subject as this I’ve not seen enough it or not been looking. Twitter Twitter is my most favourite app for blogging for 4 responses
  1. You’re able to connect with other bloggers
  2. You’re able to connect with blog readers
  3. Able to share you’re blog and blog posts
  4. Connect with the blogging community
My Twitter Jack_Deyes Instagram Instagram has changed loads as most of us known it’s even got to the point were we are unable to see all new photos and well we end up missing them. Part from that the 2 things that I love about instagram is
  1. You can have fun on instagram story’s by adding and changing the text to add gifs and stickers
  2. Going live and having fun….even though I don’t do it and the reason to why is because I fill really uncomfortable even though I have a blog and I’m all over Google when you put my name in
  3. Being able to upload photos and videos to share with your followers
My Instagram jack_deyes Hype Type I love using Hype Type on my instgram story’s to tell people that a new blog post is up
  1. You can add a photo as a background
  2. Music
  3. Text
Apple Music / Spotify  When ever I’m working on my blog or on a blog post I all ways put music on it kinda helps me set my mind on what I’m doing or what ever blog post I maybe working on My Spotify Jack Deyes WordPress With out the WordPress app I most probably wouldn’t have even 1 blog post up and even though it’s taken me a while to get use to WordPress I don’t think I’d be able to pick another site to use Buy Me a Coffee at