Bloggers Recognition Award

I have been nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award by the wonderful Maddie also thank you so much Maddie and keep up the amazing work on your blog. The Bloggers Recognition Award is one of the significant value give to bloggers by other bloggers for all their love and hard work they’ve put into their blog. It is used as a positive reinforcement to motivate bloggers and help them to connect to many new readers. Worth that being said, the recipient of this award must share their blogging background and two pieces of advice for all those bloggers newbies. —————– My Blog  I started blogging in 2015 when I was at an animal care and welfare college so for me I found it very hard to even get a blog post up let alone actually getting it done. When I made my blog available for the public it had a load of random blog posts that just randomly popped into my head what unfortunately you can’t read because I deleted them in mid way through 2016. When 2016 came along I spent so much time reading other people’s blogs based on all different types of topics and after days of reading and taking notes I finally decided what I wanted my blog to be about and that was lifestyle. Even though my blog is based on lifestyle I some times like to add other little posts such as my day out in London, Blog posts based on different bloggers and all kind of different things. When I had my blog I dint tell anyone not even my family and friends in fact the only person who I told was my best friend Amy Lee and well after a couple off months my family and friends kinda figured it out. Advice For New Bloggers You maybe thinking something across the lines of “Ha what’s the point in me setting up a blog it’s just not going to work out” but believe me it is going to work and I know how you feel because when I thought about setting up a blog I thought it’s just going to be wasted of time but after thinking about it I just thought “Let’s get this blog set up and see what happens” I’m so glad I did because I love blogging and you can do anything and blogging is amazing and you can have you’re blog biased on what ever subject you like from food, travel, lifestyle and so on their are so many amazing subjects that you can have your blog based on. Never give up you can do anything all you need to do is believe and never be scared to message other bloggers for help because at the end of the day we are all part of this blogging community and we all need help at some point. Have fun setting up your blog and making your amazing blog post and at end of the day you’re blog is your own little place on the internet and remember your blog is amazing and you can do it ! Also set up a Twitter and Instgram page and connect with other bloggers and put your blog out there and if you need any help or have any questions please fill free to message or tweet me on Twitter and I’ll do my very best to help you and at the end of the day us bloggers have to help and support one another no matter what Bloggers I Nominated Katie Leigh Amy Lee Jasmine (Instgram Queen) Char  Annija antro-vectra.regular.png Buy Me a Coffee at