What I Like About Blogging X2


This blog post is kinda related to the one I did last weekend called Why I want to become a full-time blogger and do blogging full-time.

Also I have done a blog post like this before but I thought it would kinda go with last weekend’s blog post and its also like a little updated one.

What I Like About Blogging

For many bloggers this is going to be completely different so if there is any bloggers who are reading this please let me know what you like about blogging in the comment box below.

The one thing that I’ve all ways loved about blogging is being able to have you’re own little place on the internet were you can have something and have it based on what subject you like and make a post out of it and share it with so many people.


Also being able to connect with you’re blog readers is the best part I love how they can comment on a blog post and I can reply to them and talk with them based on what ever the subject for the blog post is based on.

The other thing I love about blogging is being able to connect with the blogging community and getting involved with the blog post what ever the subject maybe based on and that other bloggers can nominate other bloggers for an awards what I love because it’s show people how wonderful the blogging world is and how much we all support one another


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