New Years Resolution/Month Goals|AD

  AD|As you all know every yeah people set (New Year’s Resolutions) and in 2017 I set my years resolution to work harder on my blog and do the best I can and to me personally I’ve done that and when 2018 came I looked back on my blog and I was happy with the outcome of my blog. This yeah I’m going to have the same New Year’s Resolutions as I did in 2017 but I’m also going to be setting monthly goals and do my vert best to complete them. The monthly goals that I’m planning some people may think that it’s not a rear a goal but to me what you ever you set something out to achieve is amazing and the monthly are what I’m planning on setting are things such as….
  • Support as many bloggers as possible – I have had so many bloggers message me, tweet and email me saying thank you to me for supporting them and I know that in a way I’ve all ready done that but to me if I’m able to support even 1 blogger then I’m so happy that I’ve managed to do that.
  • Get better at takeing photos and edit – I love taking photos and editing them I find it so fun but I really really want to get better at taking photos and editing them. I currently use instagram to edit my photos and I’d love to know what all of you use to edit your posts and if you have an Apple device and you use apps to edit your photos please comment them down below it would be a great help.
  • Get better at Twitter – Now I did tell you my monthly goals are going to be strange. Now the reason to why this is one of my monthly goals is because I want to get better at Twitter and understand the platform better and yes I know what Twitter is for and how to use to but you can never learn to much.
  • Don’t all ways yes – I’m one of those people who say yes to everything for an example if someone says “Jack can you do this” I will go and do it but the last couple of weeks and last year I had a few people who were showing their true colours and its kind of woken me. Now of course this doesn’t count for everyone and I have loads of people in my life who mean everything to me.

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