What I Got For Christmas

This is the first kinda blog post that I’ve done about what (I’ve got for Christmas) but I put a poll up on Instgram asking you if you would like me to do this blog post and well 98% of you said yes. Also this is the first 2018 blog post on my blog so I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and Wonderful new years and happy 2018 to you all What I Got For Christmas 1. Now as most of you know my parents got a wonderful “early” Christmas gift and that was my amazing rabbit Kiara. Rabbits are my favourite animal and before my mum and dad left to get Kiara they said “Jack we are just leaving to go and get the cat” so course me being the animal lover I am, I just assumed that they have gone to get the cat. But what I dint know is that they wasn’t actually getting a cat they were off to Pets At Home to go and get Kiara. When my mum and dad got home I was currently in my bed room sorting and planning blog posts talking to my brother and when they said “Jack you need to come downstairs” I just assumed it was to see the cat and help settle the cat in. But no I walked downstairs to see an amazing rabbit called Kiara I was so happy and completely lost for words my mum and dad haven’t only just got me a rabbit they’ve also got me a little friend. Now I know to some people they maybe thinking “Jack it’s rabbit what you on about” but to me Kiara isn’t just a rabbit she’s a member of my family she’s my friend and I’ll do anything for her and I love waking up every morning and seeing her she so sweet 2. Now I’m not to sure if this counts as a (Christmas Gift) if I went and got them myself but I’ll add it anyway why not. I got a new pair of shoes and I’ve all ways loved these shoes and I’ve all ways wanted to get some. They kinda remind me of Mark Ferris shoes that he has if you get what I mean
  • I use these planner diary book things a lot for all kinds of different things from blog posts to every day life like days out plans and so on. I like having things done in a list so having this books really helps in that way as well
4. I also got a pair of gloves and a hat. What I’m really glad I now have because it’s gotten really really cold in the UK and well it’s proven to be very handy to have. The cold I was ones use to because I use to go to an outdoor college but not any more 5. I also got some night time socks I can’t remember what they are called apparently they have a different name or something so if you do know what they are called please leave it in the comment boxes below. I love putting them on in the morning when it’s cold and they are so fluffy inside I just love them       antro-vectra.regular.png