Random Christmas Questions 2017

When your reading this the next day will be Christmas Eve so before this blog post begins I just want to say Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have an amazing new yeah. I’d also like to thank you for all the love and support this year you are all amazing.

When do you get up for Christmas

From what I can remember I get “woken up” at 7:00am – 8:00am that might be wrong but I’m sure that’s what time is


What do you get up to on Christmas Eve 

Me and my family go up to my grandparents house

What do you get up on Christmas morning 

Well as you know I get a woken up but part form that me and my family go downstairs to open all the Christmas gifts

Do you have a real Christmas tree or a fake one 

From the past year or so me and my family have a fake one but this yeah we went and got a real one what I love because I love the smell of Christmas trees

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas

Spending it with my amazing family and having them all in one room

Has it ever snowed on Christmas day from what you can remember

No it’s never showed on Christmas but I really want it to

Do you enjoy doing Christmas blog posts or normal blog posts

I 100% enjoy doing Christmas blog post it’s so fun and I’m sure many other bloggers would agree with me




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