A couple of weeks ago I put a tweet up on Twitter asking you guys to send me your question for my Christmas Q&A blog post. Lindsey G asked ( Favorite Christmas gift you ever received) That would be wonderful rabbit Keara who means everything to me Manuel Osornio asked (Do you know the meaning of the Christmas tree) The evergreen fir tree has been used to celebrate winter festivals…..That’s what I got told a couple of months ago it’s most probably wrong Meera asked (What dose Christmas mean to you) To me Christmas means spending time with the people you love and to me that’s my family Rebecca’s Reviews asked (What would your dream Christmas lunch consist of)
  • Pigs in blanket
  • Turkey (even though I don’t eat Turkey)
  • Vegetables
  •  Gravy 
  •  Roast potatoes 
A asked (What is the craziest gift you asked for as a child) I remember ones I asked for a load of word search books and I have apparently no clue why I even asked for them and I’m not to sure if that counts as a “crazy gift” but yeah Animal Needs & Info asked (What do I love about animals) Now I’m going to twist this question a little – What I love about animals at Christmas time is that pet owners get their pets little gifts and dress them up in Christmas outfits what I think is so cute Nicole Lauren Blake asked (What’s your favourite Christmas song) That is a Christmas song called Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry Vienna Ana Belic asked (Favourite Christmas memory) When I was little my mum and dad use to take me, my brother and my sister to this street what filled with Christmas it was amazing it felt like I was walking through a Christmas wonder land Weasley Fan asked (When did you realize Santa Clause was just your parents) Well I believe I was 12-13 and how I found out was by looking on the gift tag it had my mum and dad’s handwriting on it.