How to survive the Christmas staff do | AD

AD | Every year near December Christmas time your work plan and get together a “Christmas do” what is really fun. So the drinks are flowing the food is all ready and all you want to do is let your hair down and maybe tell your boss what you really think about him or her and its a party so you can tell that some people are going to be a bit tipsy. How To Survive The Christmas Do   1. Don’t Party Too Hard – Even though drinking some of the free booze may seem like a good idea it’s not you know, someone’s bound to say or do something they shouldn’t. 2. Don’t Talk About Work – The last thing anyone is going to want to talk about at the Christmas Staff Do is going to want to talk about after all its about having fun and just forgetting and the stress in the work place. 3. Have A Good Time – When your at the Staff Christmas Do just relaxes enjoy yourself get involved with all fun after all it is Christmas. 4. Stay Off “Social Media” – Don’t get me wrong I love social media being able to share stuff with family and friends and being able to connect with other people but like any other party something some how ends up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram what you may not want to remember or let others see. The other reason to why its a good idea to stay off social media is in case you you post something that you dint actually remember posting and then seeing loads of notifications and kinda regretting that you posted what ever it is you posted. AD Please Note (Related to the GOV  UK new social media and blog endorsement rules) This blog post is an AD/Sponsored  blog post and is a none-paid AD blog post by “This will have the Unicorn Cosmetics and dose not have a relationship with the Unicorn Cosmetics