What I did on my Birthday….?

The day before my birthday I went to Currys and PC World to go and get an Apple Watch S2 what I love and yeah it was like a early birthday present. The reason to why I got an Apple Wach is because I get so many messages, Facebook messages, emails and some of the time I actually have my phone with me because I’m busy doing other things so being able to have all pop up on my wrist is pretty handy and the Apple Watchs are way better then Fitbit. I also went out with my family to Turtle Bay what was lovely. After going to the Turtle Bay I went to my grandparents house to spend some time with them and to chill and not have to have kids nocking on my door for candy and stuff. That’s what I did for my birthday and the best part was spending it with my amazing family who mean everything to me also thank you to everyone who sent me birthday message on Instagrame and all the birthday tweets on Twitter FB_IMG_1510426623773         antro-vectra.regular.png