My Birthday Wishlist

On the 31st October its my birthday and I’m going to be 20 what kinda sounds strang. What I normally do is go to town with my wonderful mum for the day and then meet up with my family and go out for a mill. The one I love the most about my birthday is that I gbet to share it with my wonderful sister
Birthday Wishlist
  • Go to London – London is my favourite place in the world because thats where I was born and to me Londone is home

  • Spend it with my family – I know that I spend my birthday with family every year but my family are the ones who make my birthday special and they mean everything to me 

  • Have an Apple Watch – I love Apple stuff even though its a bit to much but yeah 

  • Go to Costa– I’ve never been to Costa and every yeah I want to go but I end kinda forgetting about it and yeah I know thats kind of a strange thing have on a birthday wishlist but oh well