I put a tweet up on Twitter asking you to send me your questions and the same on Snap chat to send me your questions by email – Question From ToriQ – Where would you like your blog to be in the future?

A – I would like to see my blog grown and maybe become a full-time blogger and have the one thing I love as my job

Question From Tori

Q – Where do you find your inspiration for your posts?

A – My inspiration for my blog posts is my life and journeys

Question From Jess

Q – What lead you to start your own blog and how long have you had your blog live for?

A – I was looking at somones YouTube videos found out that a member of their family had a blog. I looked at their blog and then started to look at other blogs after a while I ended up makeing my own blog

I have been blogging for 3 years and my blog been live for 3 years as well

Question From Lucy

Q – What do you enjoy about blogging

A – What I enjoy about blogging is being able to help and support other bloggers and being able to a part of the blogging world

Question From Tim

Q – What advice would you give to new bloggers

A – The advice I would give to new bloggers is basically have fun keep working on your blog ask other bloggers for help or advice and never give up

Question From Ben

Q Do you do blogging full-time

 A Unfortunately not but that’s my goal that I’ve set my self and it may take a long time but at the end of the day we never give up on are dreams 

Question From Kellie Q  – Do you have any pets  A  Yes I do I have a dog and use to have a English Lop rabbit called Dominions Question From Sam

Q What do you use to take your Instagrame photos with A – I use my iPhone 5