​Autumn is one of my favourite seasons because I love how the leaves on the trees change colour. I also love the cold misty morning and seeing all the golden leaves on floor it looks amazing and the other thing I like is when you walk in the woods and see the leaves and people walking their dogs. img_3934 The other thing that I like about autumn  is walking in the street kicking the leaves and seeing them full from the tress. Autumn is also when people get pumpkins and get them ready for Halloween what I don’t really take part in because that’s when my birthday is.     pexels-photo-112353.jpeg One thing I do like about autumn is that you can take some great photos of the out doors and all the leaves and other stuff around you. Its also the time of yeah when all the bloggers put loads of blog posts up about autumn what I love because even though they are based on all the same subject they are all still different in their own little way