Book Reviews

1. The Scrap Book Of My Life

The Scrap Book of My Life is a really fun you get to see photos of Alfie Deyes what people have never seen befor only people with the book can see the photos .You also get to find out more about Alfie and stuff about what he was like as a kid its a really nice book and I really enjoy reading it

2. Marcus Butler Hello Life !

Marcus Butler book is fantastic it’s all about different stuff from what he was like befor he was on YouTube and what kind of health food you can eat it also has photos in what you may not have seen befor

5. Ben Phillips Sorry Bro !

Ben Phillips is very well know for his videos on Facebook and YouTube down to Ben growing on the web and all over the social media he had to the chance to publish his book filled  with all  different things he dose to Elliot  and all kind of little jokes you can do. This book is so funny to read and I love it

Who are the books by and how much ?

The Scrap Book Of My Life – PointlessBlog  | £  6,47 on Amazon

Marcus Butler Hello Life –  Marcus Butler | £ 1o,78 on Amazon

Ben Phillips Sorry Bro – Ben Phillips | £ 11.89 on Amazon

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