Tumber VS WordPress

I have used  WordPress  and  Tumblr and I used both of them for blogging but I liked WordPress more then Tumblr because its more easy to use and you make your blog look really nice. WordPress WordPress is a fantastic site to use if you want to make a site or blog and I have 1 site on WordPress and my blog what is also on WordPress. I like how it’s easy to use and you get loads of different layouts and that you can add photos and add all kind of different things to your posts. On WordPress you can basically do what ever and you also have side bar what you can put your Facebook or Twitter feed on Tumblr Tumblr is great but I can never understand how to use it. it may be because I’m so use to using WordPress but when I use to use Tumblr I never new how many blog followers I had or anything. The thing I like about Tumblr is that its random and that you can make your Tumblr blog/page what you want it to look like. Tumblr is more like one big page and you don’t get a side bar like you do with WordPress. The things that I like is that you are able to like and ‘re-post other posts what is kinda like what Twitter dose but still cool