My Random Life Goals

My life goals are very randome and most of them are to with blogging but then again Ilm blogger so what do you expect. – 
  • To be come full-time bogger – I have all ways wanted to do blogging full-time and work more on my blog and be able to grow my blog even more then I am now 
  • Be able to work from home – The reson to why I really want to work from home is becuse I will be able to be my own boss and do what I want when I like 
  • Team up with other bloggers – I really want to team up with other bloggers and do a blog post with another blogger one I’m not 100% how it will work but I know it will be really fun.                    
  • Set up a bloggers meet up –  I’ve all ways wanted to do a bloggers meet up and as far as I’m aware that’s never happened “comment below” if it has 
  • Go and see the Northn Lights – For many years I have wanted to go and see the Northern Lights they look amazing
  • Set up a animal centre – If you have been following me on _- Twitter -_ for a while you may of noticed that I love animals and well I’ve all ways wanted to set up a centre for animals that need help or need a new start. I love all kind of animals big and samll.                            
  • Grow my animal website – Befor I sarted blogging I made an animal website called _- Animal Needs & Info -_ what is based on animal care and welfare  
I’d also like to say a big thank to every single one of you for all the love and support you show on my blog thank you so much