Things I Can’t Blog with Out 

For some bloggers this may be different or it may be the same  but I thought I would do a blog post about some of the things I can’t blog with out.

My iPhone – I use my phone to take photos for my blog and blog posts iphone-smartphone-apps-apple-inc-40011.jpeg

My Kindle – I use my Kindle to make blog posts and to run my blog pexels-photo-27027.jpg

My blogging friends – I have about 5-6 blog friends and they are amazing and I love how we support one another and one thing I love about it is that bloggers are supporting each other bloggers


Motivation – I’ve all ways had this thing and I say it to lot of people “if your going to run a blog and make blog post you need to enjoy it and fun doing”.                                pexels-photo-208165.jpeg

Blog planning – Me being able to take time “blog planning” is so helpful and makes blogging so much more easier and I’d love to do blogging full-timepexels-photo-273019.jpeg


Blog readers – All of you are amazing and the support you all show me is amazing and with out all of you my blog would not be here today 



Family and Friends – My family and friends show me so much support and stand by every step of the way and to know that I have their support is amazingpexels-photo-207896.jpeg

Jack Dyes

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