8 things about me

The reason why I have chosen to do a blog post about (8 things about me) is because of the new blog readers who have followed my blog. I’d like to just welcome you to my blog and I hope you enjoy my blog and blog posts as much I do.  –
  1. Most of yomay know that I love animals all kind of animals big and small and that is the reson to why I chose to go to an animal care and welfare college. At home I use to look after 3 rabbits who ment everyting to me and filled my life with so much happens, excitement and love 
  2. Blogging now this one you all kinda know but I thout I’d add it in to this blog post for people who dont know why I sarted blogging and what I like about it. I sarted blogging because of my best friend Amy when she showd me a blogger called Zoella also know as Zoe Sugg and ones I got in to reading her blog I then found another blogger Poppy Deyes after reading Zoe and Poppy’s blog I really wanted to make my own blog and ones I chose what my blog was going to be called and what I was going to post about I made this blog Jack Deyes and I love it and I’d never stop doing blogger its so fun  
  3. Londone and Andover. I love going to Londone and I love how it how the city is and all the great shops they have like M&M World and the Lego shop. I also like Londone becuse you never run out of things to do when you are visting Londone for a day out. I loved going to Andover for a completely different reasons and thats because the only time I go to Anderover is when I am going up to vist my best friend Amy 
  4. I love going on walks “on my own” and the reson why is because it gives time to think about stuff and all the things that happend and when I mean “Think about all the stuff thats happened”I mean good things. The other reson to why I like going on walks on my own is because I get to have time to myself and I even find some to take a photo of and put on my Instagram page and I get some blog ideas now and then as well 
  5. I love waching YouTube videos and the thing I like to watch on YouTube are vlogs and in case your not 100% sure what a “vlog”is its some who records what they do in their life or what someone dose in a day. Some people say that a vlog is the same as blog but I dont really see how 
  6. I think every blogger likes doing this but I like takeing photos some of the photos that I take are for my blog and to put on a blog posts and some times the phots I take on my Instagram page
  7. One thing I love to play when I am planing blog posts or when I’m in the middle of doing jobs and stuff  is music and for any one who has Spotify I have made a Spotify playlist so fill free to follow it if you want
  8. I’m not sure if this is blogging thing but one thing I love to do is plan stuff for an example on desk at home I have this folder what is filled with all kind of diffrent blog stuff I need to and my colander is packed with the stuff. I’m not sure if its a blogger thing but I thouth Ild just add that in to this blog post just in case any bloggers know and if is is a bloging thing email me or tweet me on Twitter