Thank you 

I know I’ve “Thank You” to you all so many times but I really want you to know that I am so thankful for all the love and supoort you all show on my blog. I love blogging and for so mnay resons but the thing I love the most about bloging is that you my reads get toread stuff you like and I’m still kinda shocked that you all take time out of your day just to read my blog posts. The other thing what I love is all the emails you all send me and when I reply to the emails some of you ll me how much its made your day and to know that me repying to email can make you so happy makes me so happy. Some of you email me and say you’ve seen me  if you see me when I’m out and about so if you see me come up and say hi or have photo. I have put so much work and planned o many things for my blog and I am so happy that you all love what I’lm posting and if any of you have any blog idears send me an email and I will see if I can do it. You may of seen a lot of bloggers say this in blog pst but  trust me we we all say of a reson anyway I have a Bloglovin account and my blog is conntect to Bloglovin so if you have an account and you want to know when my blog pots go up then head over to — and put in the search Jack Deyes and ones you hve found me click the follow button and then you will get a noterfcason come up on your device saying that my blog post  is up, oyu may even find someother bloggers that you like Bloging is an amazing thing to do amd I’ld recomend anyone to do it and yes okay it will take a long time to get it all set up and take a while to get blog stats and folllwers but if you stick to it and contine to put blog pots up and get your blog post out there then your blog will do great. I do shoutouts for bloggers for all kind of reasons so if you have a blog and you want a shutout send me a emil or message me on Twitter9-0 and I’ll do it for you and ones again thank you all the love and support none of this would be possible with out you