New things are coming \ update 

The last couple of weeks I have been sorting out my blog and thinking about what kind of things you would love to see on my blog and so far you all seem to love it.


I haver planned lots of new blog posts what you will all enjoy reading and I am even going to some events in the UK to mkae a blog posts out of.

As my blog grows the more things I plan and set up for you all to read.  I am even hopeing tp do blog pots with other bloggers and really puch “blogging” out there because I dont think everyone knows what a blog is or know that bogging  is ever a thing but the more me and other bloggers plan and do blog posts together the morer people will find out about blogging

The new things that are comeing to Jack Deyes is a load of new blog pots what I know you will all like and love I am also going to be having someone who helps me and the person who will be helping is like a PA kinda thing they wont be running my blog or anything like that I’ll still be doing all the stuff and blog pots the blog.

The person who will be helping me will be checking my emails, checking my Twitter and instagram account, replaying to emails and helping me stay on track and so on  

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