2,000 Blog followers!

I still remember when I had 5 blog followers let alone 2,000 what still fills like a dream and I’lm so thankful to every single one for you for all the support and I know I’ve said it time and time again but I really am.  Jack Deyes Lifestyle would not be around today with out all of you and to know that you all enjoy reading my blog posts makes me so happy.  When I made Jack Deyes Lifestyle I never thought that I’d ever hit 100 let alone 2,000  and knowing that you like my blog posts makes me want to make even more. As most of you know I really want to do bloging “Full Time” and every day that goes past mkaes me want to be come a full time blogger more and more  I have loads of things about why I love blogging but one of the reasons to why I love bloging is because you get to make a littel site on the web and make it about anything you like so for some people that may be food , travel anything and as you all know for me its lifestyle and befor I be came lifestyle blogger I looked at so many lifestyle blogs to see if it was something I was in to and well you can kinda see it is I now read loads of lifestyle blog pots and some of you have even sent me an email asking me how I made my blog and what you need to have become a blogger and to know that Jack Deyes Lifestyle has inspired you to make your own blog is just amazing  and I love helping you all and giving you blogging tips so if any of you have any questions about blogging go to the contact page and fill out the form or email me at contact.jackdeyes@gmail.com I’ll be more then happy to help you