London 2017

Couple of weeks ago I went to London for the day what I was so excited about because if there is one place I love going to the most is London. I love how busy the city is and seeing all the people work to and from and seeing all cars, buses and taxis driving around London is just amazing. In stead of going to London to see Big Ben and other land marks I ended up walking around London looking at all the markets and well stuff that I’ve never see in London before



The London market that I had a look around was amazing and looked great! The market had so many great stands and shops with all kind of different things on. The market was filled with so many people what I thought was great because one thing I love about markets is all the people and how busy it all is


The London market shops looked amazing because they all had art work or something on the out side of their shop and the London market also had this boat what I think looks cool and kinda random because you don’t normally see that kind of thing in a market







In London me and my family found the Amy Winehouse I also went to M&M world and Lego land as well the day out that I spent with my family was so lovely and getting to spend some time with them and no having to worry about all the little jobs that I had to get done. London is a great place and I’d go back to London any day of the week



Even though I have been to M&M before I just had to go back and have another look around even tho I’ve seen it all before. Unfortunately not all my photos what was taken why I was in M&m world uploaded sorry



I had a look around the Lego shop as well what was cool because I’ve never been in the Lego shop in London ever. The Lego shop looked amazing and I loved seeing all the lego things that the people have made they looked great




5 thoughts on “London 2017

  1. Love it when you do blog posts like this also keep up the fantastic work. One thing that your blog posts help me with is forget about the stress that I’ve had in the week I have been following your blog for 2 years now

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